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11.05.2019 09:15
The spring breeze Antworten

The spring breeze solves the flower language, and it is suspected that the old man came. There is always a moment, and some people have touched the heart. The gentleness buried in the depths of the heart is the unsatisfactory perfection. Who will make some instant encounters Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, forever, In the moment of looking back, the thousands of turns, the years of cold and warm, do not need to write more, will love a lover, and then in the long sunshine, when you relish, the warmth is in the heart, is remembered, Then the bones, such a shallow wind, gently floating, gently shake the old dream, a light smile, quietly open, smashed into a fragrance, walked through the wind and smoke, saw the dust of the world, find a place Silence, light look back, no time to go, the years are like a time to walk in the flow of years, watching the years like water, I also passed by happiness, leaving a shallow smile, warmth of the thoughts in the year of the flow of a spring blossom, With the clarity of the sun and the rain, the flowers and the flowers, and the time to drink, talk with you, willing to taste the fireworks, we can still use a dust-free heart, watching life so beautiful. The village is said to be relatively old Make Newport 100. According to the genealogy records of my generation, there are thirteen. I have not been very clear for many years, but because I don��t understand, I don��t know how many years have existed in our village, but I I don't know very well how the ancestors recorded these years, but how do you say that the age of the village is not small, at least for a few lifetimes? The village is built by the river. The river is not big, it is a little curved, but the river is only called when the water is big Marlboro Hard Cigerate. It is usually a river. It is at most a river. There are several big trees in the village. Only when people hold together can they hold on. As long as history is long, only botanists know Carton Sale On Newports. The old people in the village do not know, but the old people said that they played under the trees when they were young. In fact, the ancient trees did not know. Why is the middle already empty, and it has become a rat or a snake's nest, but the tree is still in the spring when it blooms, showing a vigorous life, empty and not dead, this is probably a plant miracle; when the wind blows, the leaves are They beat each other, so they made a sound of brushing. They repaired a high dam for irrigation and drainage in the east of the village. In fact, it is not high, but it is more than two meters higher than the water level of the village. It is in the agricultural school. When the village was settled, it was actually the peasant��s shoulders in the village. The dam was not long, and it was four or five hundred meters long. The dam itself is now weedy on both sides, and the cedar before birth. It has grown to nearly 20 meters high. The trunk of the cypress tree should be the smallest and the thick rod of 8-90. For decades, it has been growing, tireless, and hard work, regardless of the age, No matter what the seasons, always work hard, so hard. The poplar tree that has been growing for 20 or 30 years has grown to be tens of meters high, and the leaves have been taken off for a long time. There is an old temple in the village all year round. It is said that there are hundreds of years of scenery Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, and it has been declining in previous years. Originally very beautiful, carved and painted, both sides are painted by wood carvings. Simple and elegant. Wood carvings are lifelike. Unfortunately, nothing is gone now, because the ancestral hall is really old.

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