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29.04.2019 03:43
The autumn of Yu Antworten

The autumn of Yu Dafu��s old capital, which was read many years ago, is really meaningful. Whether it is the beauty of autumn or the cold of autumn, it is full of charm. The autumn of my small town in the southwest is really not so deep. The change, this may be the biggest difference between the different cities Newports For Cheap. In the depths of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, close to the tropical rainforest, this autumn is written in different southern and northern parts. It is already bright at 7:00 in the morning, wearing a thin coat and opening the door. The fresh soil moisture came out, and there seemed to be drizzle outside, a few leaves falling, fluttering down, but the leaves were not too yellow, and went to the street, only to find the rain, the wind, the small The small chill has long spread a large piece of green leaves that have just turned yellow. At this time, I saw that the trees on both sides gradually became yellow. Then when the leaves went away with the wind, I remembered the poplar forest in my hometown. In autumn, the poplar forest in my hometown was beautiful, and the big poplars were all standing on the side of the road. The branches have been covered with the sky. Every autumn rains and winds, I like to stand under the trees. After the heavy rain, I can step on the thick leaves and feel the beauty of autumn for the path. When the wind is strong, I can I heard the sound of the leaves squeaking Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale. This is when they clapped their hands and applauded, and then the wind danced with the wind. This natural beauty became my feeling of falling in my hometown for many years. However, the fall of my hometown is really cold. Wearing a sweater and wearing long trousers is a must. But there is no need here. In the morning, the city is covered with fog. Look at it from afar, a landscape, and the sun. Slowly wake up, melt the fog, shine into the city, the coat will be taken off, the sun is not to warm our body, but to pick up the heat wave, people can only wear short sleeves, avoid the sun, in the big Shuttle under the any times we only know the beauty of autumn leaves, the chill of autumn, the indifference and decadence of autumn Newport 100S Bulk Buy, but I thought that autumn is actually a season of vitality. In the past few years Newports In Bulk, in Qinghai, there was autumn. It is indeed much colder than summer. But the grass and the large woods on the mountain are green and green. Just like this, it always makes me feel illusory. This small town, seeing the leaves falling, finds that the sprouts seem to start again. It is sprouting, and the mountains are also lush and green. Some places are still full of flowers. Every time the rain passes, it will always feel a different kind of spring. Autumn, this is the time of harvest, but at this point, it is almost the same. The corn and soybeans are harvested in the north, and there are various autumn fruits. The south harvests the millet, but there are more things collected here, around September each year. There will be a lot of fruit production, wild pears, green dates, walnuts, apples and many other fruits can be collected. The fields are also harvested with rice and corn. The various things are counted. The autumn is still very busy, fortunately for them. You don't need to turn over the ground. When you finish the corn, you will use the torch to burn all the grass and straw in the ground. Every year, you will see the fire on the mountain in the evening. It is like a burning sky. The whole cloud is like a sunset, the north is dry and cold, and the south is cold. There are plants that are ruined, but this small town, autumn and spring are more like brothers, but autumn is easier to cry, and spring seems to be full of sunshine. This kind of faint autumn, although you can not feel the red moon in autumn, but this dark green autumn, fruitful harvest, there is a different kind of autumn beauty to step on the top of the mountain, under the misty sea, surrounded by mountains And the waterfall-like thick fog rushes straight into the misty sea. It seems like a spectacular Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online, unconsciously, I really like this beauty. Walking into the small town and seeing the pale yellow leaves, I realized that I had once again passed a fall without chill.

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