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29.04.2019 03:43
The north has been Antworten

The north has been fluttering and snowing, but the south is still rainy. The wind blew the horn, and the luxuriant French phoenix tree has no longer survived the life of the film Cigarettes Online Usa Only. From birth to death, flowering and dying, a tree in the reincarnation of the four seasons has been warm and cold in the world, and the sky is still cloudy. The darkness is dark, obviously it is the daytime, but the rainy days of the day are quite repressive. The city she was in was already tens of thousands of miles of snow and snow, and the snow was still falling down. It was like a white elf falling into the world. It fluttered in the bushes, fell on the plain grassland, and fell into the mountains and rivers. Snow, no snow, the winter is only a short cold, the rain is dominant, the view is still a lush, the wind is blowing across the cheeks, the biting cold, the end of November, the snow season, I look forward to seeing, I also hope Don't come to a snowflake. The old photos of the snow hidden in the memory, there are snow figures, snow shackles, growing up, exhausted, from a city to another city, but less and less rare snow. Perhaps, there is no snow in winter, just like a person has no soul, no winter charm, snow is a symbol of winter, a dancer of the season, in the four seasons of spring and autumn, with pure dance interpretation of the end of the year When can you praise the next snow? You don��t need to be as late as the first snow in 2002, and don��t want to be like the 2008 low temperature snow, as long as the next snow, even if It��s Xiaoxue, and it will make me ecstatic. Imagine holding a cup of black tea, the steaming steam in the warm house, leaning against the window sill, the snow falling from the sky, first two pieces, and then more and more Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online, transparent window glass window smashed. Perhaps, such a snowy day is more suitable for cooking a pot of tea, inviting one or two friends, sitting around the stove, talking about ancient times, not to mention. Or maybe, use the camera to freeze the shadow of the snow, look at an early spring flower, proudly bloom, sigh the wonderful and beautiful in the cold. Waiting for a snow, watching the younger backs go further and further, the footprints in the snow are slowly moving in the light and faint, the years are swaying in the snow, and the light of the north is in the south of the Yangtze River. In the snow fluttering in the sky Very Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the soft and beautiful is like a mysterious veil. The mind is covered with snow, the snow is silent, the light sighs, the leaves fall, the funeral, the eyes are still far away, still the lush trees, there is still no trace of snow and stars, the cold wind whizzing past the window, ��I don��t know how to be near the cold. I am here to pray for a snow. I have already tired of this cold and cold weather. Her city has snow, and the white elves carefully paint every inch of exposed skin in the ancient city. I want to be a snow butterfly and dance with snow. She said that she is wearing a white down jacket, tall and tall, young and youthful, and she is a dancing butterfly. The dream is blooming in the distance. She is snowing there. I am still green and grassy. She loves the distance. She has never seen snow. Now she dreams come true. She is snowing in the north, and the girl in the south is dancing in the snowy north. I am waiting here Bulk Cigarettes For Sale. A snow, like waiting for a friend who has not seen for many years, she will be like me, miss the place called the distant place Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, those diaries, pictures, leaving her with passionate youth memories.

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