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GIF Horse: Denver Broncos showdown with the Seattle Seahawks Antworten

GIF Horse: Denver Broncos showdown with the Seattle Seahawks Most weeks the GIF Horse will take a bit of a look back to review what happened in the last game as well as a look ahead at the upcoming matchup. Obviously that’s going to be a little hard with the first game of the season Derek Wolfe Jersey , so instead we’ll dive right in an break down the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.The Legion of Boom Whom?Scotty Payne hit this at length yesterday, but the Seattle team Denver will open with looks a lot different than even last year’s team. No Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor or Earl Thomas means the Legion of Boom is no more. Instead it looks like Dontae Johnson or Tre Flowers will start at the right cornerback spot with Shaquill Griffin manning Sherman’s old spot on the left corner. This is Johnson’s only pick last year. The San Francisco 49ers were among the 10 worst defenses against the pass by FootballOutsiders’ efficiency statistics.They didn’t expect Johnson to become the starter at right corner but with Byron Maxwell placed on injured reserve they’re in dire straights there. Griffin had a promising rookie season, so it would make sense for Musgrave and Keenum to go after Johnson early and often. Behind the corners will be a 2017 4th rounder Tedric Thompson and Bradley McDougald, who is a strong coverage player but weaker in the run game. The Front 7: Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner and? Clark could pose a lot of problems for Garett Boles. Say what you will about Clark’s character, but there is little doubt that Clark is one of the Seahawks’ win conditions in their tilt against the Broncos. He’s a promising pass rusher who has seen his snap count rise every season with little dropoff as teams have gathered more tape on him. Clark has a variety of moves to attack an offensive lineman. There is little doubt that Musgrave and the Broncos will need to provide help to Bolles if they hope to keep Keenum clean.Clark is adept at using the threat of his speed rush to get inside pressure. One thing that should concern Bronco fans is the GIF above. Clark has a good speed rush, but he often uses that threat outside to crash inside to get to the quarterback even faster. Bolles was famously grab happy as a rookie and has shown some signs of that kind of play again in the preseason. Even if Clark doesn’t get home, Bronco fans need to hold their breath and hope Denver’s second year tackle can have a clean game. Beyond Clark though, the Seahawks defensive line is littered with questions. Pete Carroll ‘not opposed’ to playing Seahawks Dion Jordan in DenverIt’s likely that even if Jordan plays, he won’t be quite where he was at the end of last season when he had a sack in each of the Seahawks last 3 games. If he can’t go, it’s likely that Branden Jackson and 3rd round rookie Rasheem Green will be heavily featured in his spot. Even if he does play, they’ll likely rotate in. Both are built closer to former Seahawk Red Bryant, who famously played a 5 technique role for Pete Carroll in the early 2010’s.What that means is neither offers the kind of pass rush threat that Jordan can.Jordan isn’t near the player Clark is, but he’d add punch to the Seattle pass rush. The big name to watch inside is nose tackle Jarran Reed.Shaquem Griffin was the feel good story leading up to this year’s NFL draft, but he’s also likely to start Sunday with K.J Wright still recovering from knee surgery. Barkevious Mingo looks like the other name to watch as he’ll fill the old Bruce Irvin role and attempt to lift the Seattle pass rush. Both players could be a nuisance, but the real threat at the second level of the defense is easily Bobby Wagner. Wagner played hurt for a large part of the 2017 season, but at his peak he’s among the best in the game. The Russell Wilson Show Let there be no doubt, if the Seahawks are going to find a way to beat Denver this weekend, their quarterback is going to need to make some plays. He’s shown an ability to do just that over the years with the kind of eclectic style that reminds some of Fran Tarkenton tape. The Broncos can’t afford to let Wilson play his sandlot game. In and of itself, Wilson’s aptitude for making something out of broken plays is a bit concerning. What raises the threat level a bit more is the Broncos cornerback depth chart after Chris Harris and Bradley Roby. Adam Jones or Tramaine Brock are likely to be key contributors Sunday. One was signed this month while the other has done little to inspire confidence so far. What should come as a bit of a relief to those fears is the state of the Seahawks receiving corps, as well as the rest of the supporting cast around Wilson. The pass catching group got significantly weaker over the offseason when Paul Richardson elected to sign with Washington for 5 years and $40 million and Jimmy Graham wasn’t resigned. While both were expensive, their absence means Seattle is counting on Tyler Lockett, 3rd-year-pro Nick Vannett and ex-Bronco Brandon Marshall to fill the void. Then there’s Doug Baldwin, who is easily the best receiver on the roster but also playing hurt.Seahawks star Doug Baldwin admits left knee “won’t be 100%” for 2018 season - Field GullsWith the Broncos pass rush a notable threat, it’s likely the Seahawks attempt a conservative gameplan. The starting offensive line is the best it’s been in recent history, but with German Ifedi starting at right tackle the potential is there for Bradley Chubb to get off to a hot start to his rookie season.I’m hard on Bolles, but at least he wasn’t Ifedi last year. Across from him is the recently resigned Duane Brown, who John Schneider traded two day 2 draft picks for. Brown made the Pro Bowl last year, which speaks volumes about the NFL’s annual vacation designation. Don’t be surprised if Von Miller has a monster day.They’ve got a Schott. Coordinating the Seahawk offense is Brian Schottenheimer, son of Marty and he who has not coordinated an offense that ranked in the top third of the league to date. Pete Carroll sang his praises for the work he did with the Rex Ryan era Jets running game, which was decent from at the end of the 2000’s. More recently, Schottenheimer coordinated the 2015 Georgia offense. If nothing else Phillip Lindsay Jersey , Schottenheimer is proof that playing “the game” and having the right last name can ensure long career in the NFL. That should give hope to Deuce Gruden.Schottenheimer’s offenses over the years, stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference and Football OutsidersMatt Ulford of ForbesSummary This first game will be a good test for the Broncos right out of the gate. I’m a big believer that good teams beat bad teams badly and this rebuilding Seattle team looks as if they’ll contend for the first pick in the 2019 NFL draft.NFL Picks: Week 5 25% of the NFL season has come and gone, yet games still have too many tossups for my liking. I’m conflicted on a few of them, and go against better judgments on a few. At least last week I got twice as many right as wrong. Back to my winning ways! Last Week: 10-5Overall: 32-29-2Indianapolis Colts (1-3) at New England Patriots (2-2) 6:20pm Fox/NFLN/Amazon TNFI told all of you to not write off the Patriots, but do you listen to me? Noooooo. Anyways, Andrew Luck and the Colts are the AFC version of the Falcons. Snake-bitten. And the Patriots are starting to get their groove back. Hey, Rich Gannon, tell me again how many days Josh Gordon has been on the Pats? I think I missed it the first 700 times you mentioned it! Prediction: Colts 23, Patriots 37Denver Broncos (2-2) at New York Jets (1-3) 11:00am CBSRemember my keys to the Broncos vs. Ravens? Well, 100% of them apply for this game except that the Jets suck. This game is a hard one to predict. One one hand you have the Broncos playing an early game on the east coast on the road. On the other hand, Sam Darnold kinda sucks. Then again, we only scored 23 on a piss poor Chiefs defense AT HOME mind you, and the Jets are at least “middle of the road” on defense (exactly middle as they rank 16th). So, how can I predict we score even the 23 we did against the Chiefs? Plus the finger pointing has begun with the “offense needs to score more points” talk. Ugh. What to do, what to do? Prediction: Broncos 23, Jets 6New York Giants (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (2-1) 11:00am FoxFresh off their bye week, the Panthers are at home and the cupcakes known as the Giants are coming to town. This is an easy victory. I wish I could add some flair to this game, but nope, it’s an easy victory. Prediction: Giants 13, Panthers 33Miami Dolphins (3-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) 11:00am CBSThe Dolphins validated my reasons for keeping them so low in the Power Rankings even when they were undefeated. How embarrassing. I’m telling you, this team just isn’t very good. And now they have the regular season Bengals to deal with, in Cincy. Their two game slide will officially be on at roughly 11:15am. Prediction: Dolphins 9, Bengals 23Baltimore Ravens (3-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-2-1) 11:00am CBSOh man, I really want to pick the Browns, but I’m not sure I can. If the Ravens play like they have the last few weeks, they’re a Top 5 team, and the Browns seem to keep being the Browns, or is it that the Browns keep being the Vance Josephs? You know, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I’m sorry you got drafted by these guys Baker. I wanted you on the Broncos. Prediction: Ravens 27, Browns 23Green Bay Packers (2-1-1) at Detroit Lions (1-3) 11:00am FoxI dunno, Rodgers seems to be playing fine to me. I’m not sure the status of his knee, and we’ve heard that it’s gonna make him play worse and worse, but I’m not seeing it. He was running around like he was 100% last Sunday. Now Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , division games are a different beast as we see week after week, year after year. But do the Lions honestly have a shot? Even in Detroit? Really? Really?!? Prediction: Packers, 30, Lions 23Jacksonville Jaguars (3-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) 11:00am CBSI wish this game wasn’t on at the same time as the Broncos, because I want to see if the Jags can take this team down. Its in Arrowhead, so that plays in the Chiefs’ favor, but man, that Jags defense is really good, and it ain’t like Bortles is all that amazing to take advantage of the Chiefs’ defense. This is a game between the 2nd and 3rd place teams in my power rankings. Time to put up or shut up. Prediction: Jaguars 23, Chiefs 27Tennessee Titans (3-1) at Buffalo Bills (1-3) 11:00am CBSThe Bills are pathetic. Straight pathetic, and the Titans aren’t. Give this one to the road team. Prediction: Titans 27, Bills 10Atlanta Falcons (1-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2-1) 11:00am FoxI keep picking the Steelers to lose, and they keep losing. I keep picking the Falcons to win, and the keep losing. Crap. What in the hell am I suppose to do here? Prediction: Falcons 31, Steelers 32Oakland Raiders (1-3) at Los Angeles Chargers (2-2) 2:05pm CBSFresh off their first victory, the Raiders travel down the coast to Sunny Los Angeles, where the Chargers’ fans still don’t give a crap. If Ice Cube is in attendance, the Raiders win. Prediction: Raiders 27, Chargers 28 Guess he’s busy today.Minnesota Vikings (1-2-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) 2:25pm FoxI keep hearing nonsense about “That’s why we signed Cousins” from Viking fans. To them, I keep saying “See that losing record? You signed a loser to keep losing. Congrats!” Yes, my grudge holds no bounds. Prediction: Vikings 23, Eagles 31Arizona Cardinals (0-4) at San Francisco 49ers (1-3) 2:25pm FoxPathetic meets Pathetic. Is this the 0-0 tie we’ve all been waiting for? Prediction: Cardinals 3, 49ers 13Los Angeles Rams (4-0) at Seattle Seahawks (2-2) 2:25pm FoxBest team in the NFL meets middle of the road team. Now with 100% more smug Pete Carroll. I love watching him lose. Almost as much as I love watching Tom Brady lose. Prediction: Rams 31, Seahawks 13Dallas Cowboys (2-2) at Houston Texans (1-3) 6:20pm NBC SNFCivil War in Texas. Dallas vs Houston. Who wins? I’ve studied “Civil War” by Guns N Roses very closely, and they seem to be talking about those self entitled a-holes in Dallas... So I’m giving this one to Houston. Prediction: Cowboys 20, Texans 35Washington Redskins (2-1) at New Orleans Saints (3-1) 6:15pm ESPN MNF202 yards is the magic number. You’ll hear 201 a lot, because people are stupid. The real number is 202. What is that? Oh, it’s how many yards Drew Brees needs to be the all time leading passer in NFL history, surpassing Peyton Freaking Manning! How fitting he does it in New Orleans where Peyton is their proudest son. Oh, and he does it by halftime in a blowout. Prediction: Redskins 20, Saints 41**Bye Week: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears**

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