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02.04.2019 11:53
The road to life is Antworten

The road to life is long, just like the road in my hometown. There are many bumps and thrills and spaciousness Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. In this life road full of many uncertainties such as rough and flat, there are many beautiful scenery, full of difficulties and obstacles; both happy joy and painful troubles; both the glory of the winners and the losers The desolate... Faced with the red dust, the world has changed, some people have been open-minded for a lifetime, and some people have been depressed for a lifetime. Life is short, but for a hundred years, it��s better to live happily than to be unhappy. In this way, open-mindedness is a kind of open-minded attitude towards life. The word "Ci Hai" is interpreted as: open mind. Decades of life experience tells me that open-mindedness is a positive attitude towards life. In real life, you will find that open-minded people are always broad-minded, generous, generous, open-minded, warm and cheerful, healthy and optimistic. It is calm and calm, and it is a calm and calm, and it is a generous and generous mind and mind; it is inclusiveness and dedication that is not afraid of loss and willingness to suffer; it is the wisdom and art that goes to life and lives. Open-minded people, life infused with a healthy power and the flame of thought, even if they reach the end of life, their eyes will radiate a strange glory, their lives will shine, their life is a perfect life Open-mindedness is a kind of calmness and calmness. Most open-minded people have high goals and a broad vision. They never care about personal small things and small interests. Just like the essay writer Chen Meigong of the Qing Dynasty said in the mood of "The Little Window": "There is no surprise, and the flowers bloom before the court; Going to stay inadvertently, looking at the sky, cloud clouds and clouds." How open-minded, free and easy, a state of mind. It means that it is not uncomfortable to treat people as a matter of flowering and falling, and to treat the position as a cloudless cloud, so that it can be unintentional. It��s not a big deal to be insulted, it��s easy to say it, and it��s easier said than done. Real life, red dust, filled with all kinds of desires, including the desire of money, the desire of power, the desire of love, the desire to compare... The world is vast, the sea is crowded, everyone is standing at different heights. Look at these desires from different perspectives. The desire of a person is as difficult as a gully. It is not something that ordinary people can resist. Only a certain amount of power in the heart can do this. Only by doing this, can we calm our mindset, position ourselves, and be happy, look at life, and see the red dust. We can understand the world for a few years. Professor Li Yanjie, a famous national speaker, wrote this piece of ink to me: Yuanwangfang feels that the wind and waves are small, and the volley is known as Haiboping. The mountain is blocked by the stone, and after all, the river flows eastward, and the snow is humiliating and deceiving, and the plum blossoms are still open to the sun." This is an open-minded, free-spirited state of mind Newports 100S Price, Li Lao��s rhetoric tells We: Looking into the distance, you will find that the wind and waves in front of you are not as big as you think Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. In the air, you can know the calmness of the sea. Whether it is the blockage of the mountain or the interception of the boulder, the raging river will flow eastward. Whether it is the freezing of snow or the cold of frost, plum blossoms are still open. This encourages us to look farther, be more open-minded, free and easy, and strive for the established ambitious goal. The famous calligrapher Zhu Xueda wrote a piece for me: "Indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching." The ink treasure is also such a state of mind. This is from the "Xunzishu" written by Zhuge Liang at the age of 54 to the 8-year-old son Zhuge Zhan Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale. It is nothing more than "the non-indifferent to the Ming dynasty, the non-quietness is beyond the limit." of. "Indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching." means to say: People do not pursue fame and fortune to make their interests more noble, calm and calm, and concentrate on what they can do. It is the open-mindedness and the conception that is broad-minded and broad-minded. The open-minded people are mostly atmospheric, generous, and have no chestnuts. There is a "big belly can accommodate, the world can not tolerate things." "The prime minister can support the boat" mind; there is the momentum of the sea. Because of these tolerances and minds, the open-minded people will accommodate everything in a broad and noble state of mind. Written here, I also remembered the four characters of the ink treasure "Haina Baichuan" that Professor Li Yanjie wrote to me. Its next sentence is "There is tolerance." Admonish people: The sea can accommodate thousands of rivers, because it is such a broad mind, so it is the greatest in the world. This is also a kind of open-minded and generous state of mind that people are pursuing. It is a kind of tolerance and dedication that is not afraid of losing money and is willing to suffer. Open-minded people never take care of minor matters and small interests. They can calmly face the unsatisfactory things happening in front of them. They often feel the heart of "deprivation is a blessing". In the face of conflicts of interest, they would rather sacrifice their personal interests and obey the collective interests. They would rather sacrifice their own interests. To fulfill the interests of others and to understand the beauty of adult beauty, it expresses an open-minded and inclusive state of mind. General Tian Yongqing, who is known as the "Military Confucianism" and "Military Li Yanjie", wrote a picture of "Borrowing a Blessing" for me. He told people that only by giving up the small profits in front of them can they gain long-term profits and give up for better. Get, only learn to "loss" to benefit. "Eating a small loss is a big deal" "How much is the big loss?" I remember that "the loss is a blessing" is a sentence written by Zheng Banqiao, who was a county magistrate in Wei County, my neighboring county. It is not only a blessing to suffer, but also a more important attitude towards life than a blessing. It is open-minded, up-to-date, temperament, generosity, and grace. In real life, people who take the initiative to suffer losses are not weak and ignorant, but open-minded and optimistic. Seriously comprehending the famous saying of Zheng Banqiao, it may change our attitude towards life, be open-minded, open-minded, open-minded and free-spirited. It is a kind of wisdom and art that goes to life and lives. The attitude of the open-minded person is to better achieve life and the wisdom and art of being a human being. This is a free and easy life and a perfect life. Open-minded people look at the interests of life as a trivial matter, depending on the storms and sorrows in life, always full of self-confidence, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, not forgetting the initial heart, advancing, constantly achieving self, and achieving brilliant life. It will make our mood suddenly clear; it will make our career suddenly clear; it will make our life suddenly clear Marlboro 100S Carton. This is the open-minded attitude of life we ??are pursuing.

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