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20.03.2019 03:21
Beijing Roast Duck Antworten

Beijing Roast Duck is known as ��the world's first delicious food��. It is crispy and meaty. This unique handmade food originated from the Jinling flake duck in Nanjing Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. It has a history of 800 years. Beijing Roast Duck has a long history. As early as in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, there was already a "duck duck". In the Ming Dynasty, Beijing roast duck was baked in a griddle. In the Qing Dynasty, the oven was gradually grilled with a hole in the open fire. It can be used as a cutting method for Beijing Roast Duck. It is the earliest apricot leaf. In the 1980s, it was changed into a willow strip Buy Cigarettes Wholesale. It was not poked on the plate. It turned into a squeegee method after the 1980s. Using the segmentation method, extracting the most essential part of the duck and making the spatula for the diners to eat. Although the times are changing, this ancient craft is still circulated. Today, the roast duck and the roast duck are the two roast ducks in Beijing. The difference is that the former is generally made of hard fruit trees such as jujube, peach, apricot, etc., and the furnace door is closed with a dark fire. The latter "the duck does not see an open fire" and is evenly heated Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. Due to different practices, the tastes are slightly different. The characteristics of the roast duck are the golden color of the surface, the crispy outside and the tender meat, and there is a special kind of delicious taste. The roast duck is characterized by the outer skin and crispy meat. fresh It is fat and not greasy, and it has a lot of meat. Making Beijing Roast Duck is a very elaborate process: choose the high-quality variety of Peking duck Buy Marlboro Cigarettes. First, open a small hole in the duck, take out the internal organs, add boiling water to the duck belly, then Hang the duck on the oven again Newport Cigarettes For Sale, so that the duck's moisture can not be lost, and the duck can not be softened. It can be said that after two moments, the duck will be taken out. The freshly-launched duck braved the heat and the outer coke Li Nen, with a hint of fruity aroma. After the completion of Beijing Roast Duck, the color is jujube red, the leather is crispy, the meat is tender and tender, and the fragrance of fruit trees is exuded. The duck skin outside is yellow-yellow and crunchy, and the duck meat inside is fat and Tender, soft, and drop a few drops of oil from time to time. The fat duck is served with a special thick sauce and a light paper-like pastry, which is pleasing to the eye and coveted. The roast duck must be hot and delicious. After the cold, the original taste will be lost. The traditional way to eat is: put the duck slices + onions, a little green onions to get tired, and will not affect the taste of the duck meat, the lotus leaf cake soft and sweet, a whole put Chewing at the entrance, very cool There is another way to eat: put the duck skin gracefully into the mouth, squeeze it gently with the tongue, the crispy duck skin is connected with the white sugar, the fragrance of the oil and the sweetness of the sugar, synthesis It is a strange and sweet. Because it is elegant, it used to be the preferred method for young people. As people's living standards continue to improve, obesity has become a major health hazard. Since the late 1980s, the roast duck has been introduced. Crisp, fragrant and tender are the mainstays. The roast duck has also changed from a hundred pieces to more than 80 pieces. The Beijing Roast Duck, which has been reformed, is more healthy. The current Beijing roast duck is fresh and tender, rich in juice and aromatic. It is easy to digest, provides the energy needed by the human body, and is rich in nutrients. It has become a well-known food in the local area and is highly sought after by many diners. People from all over the country and foreign friends, when they come to Beijing, they must taste the unique Beijing Peking Duck. ".

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