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20.03.2019 03:21
am really good Antworten

am really good, don't worry. The mother called again and said, "I have to eat well, eat less snacks, is it thin?" I used to feel very annoyed. I still feel that when she hangs up, she says that she can I will call home once in the week! I know that she is blaming me for not greeing me at home, and I admit that this is not doing well Newport Short. When I was in high school, I wanted to escape from my home. My mother was too embarrassed, my father was too strict, and when I came to school far away from home, I discovered that there is no stranger and sadness in my home city. . Mother often said that there is no us there Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, you have to take care of yourself, you have to eat enough, you have to gain weight, you must study hard, don��t play mobile phones all day long, your eyes are not good, about every child who doesn��t know how to be good. There is a mother who loves her. She is so ordinary. She expresses her love for her children in a repeated way. She is very hard, but she is always willing to give her children a smile. However, she is a woman. Every time I interrupt her "broken thoughts" with irritating tone, I don't care about her feelings. I have never seen her wet eyes. Words are the most hurtful thing. I actually know this from junior high school. "Love wakes up", this is the article I wrote when I was involved in the essay competition in junior high school. Because the topic was novel, I was selected by the teacher. I vaguely remembered that there was such a paragraph: We always take the tone to care about the feelings of others but hurt the people. Words pinch the heart of the mother. I clearly understand the truth in junior high school, but I have been doing "do not understand" people. There is no fear of being loved. This sentence is suitable for us who are children, but then I went to high school. I am still a "not knowing good" person and even more arrogant. My mother does not leave her mouth every day is "learning well", and my most annoying thing is this sentence. The more and more problem sets on the desk, the more irritable my mood, and the addition of books on the desk. A cup of steaming coffee, I said that I need coffee to refresh myself at night. In the end, the mother remembered this sentence. The person who can not tolerate your ignorance in the world is probably only a mother Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, and I really owe my mother a "sorry." The day before the college entrance examination Cigarette Kinds, I still drank my mother's coffee. The mood of the day was inexplicably calm after I was extremely nervous, because I saw my mother staring out the window, and the window blended with the dark night reflected her face, blurred. . Such a mother suddenly wants to say to her, "Thank you! Now I am in a distant place. It takes more than ten hours to get home by train and I have to reverse the car. My mother always complains that I am far away from home. I know her. I am worried that I will not take care of myself in the distance. But my mother, I am really good, although I am still annoying you, but I don��t talk back as I used to, I will listen to you patiently. After that, I will tell you, I am really good, don't worry Newport Gold Cigarettes, I want to say that you are so good, accompany me through the boring and dark high school; I am so good, always remind me that I want to add clothes; it is good to have you. Even if I am willful, you still love me... Mother, it��s good to have you

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