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20.02.2019 09:15
Gently open a window Antworten

Gently open a window, open the thick dust in the depths of the soul, let the fragrance of the nameless flowers outside the window Cigarette Wholesaler Price, quietly accompany me to meditate.ime has entered the deep trough of the years, condensed into a crystal clear agate, large and small flowers and greens are buried in the past of history, staged a scene of constant change. I think: Although the years have eroded life, and time is not old, she is red.e north wind blows, the air looks back, and the fragrance is falling. Under the west window, Wang Mingyue, who is drunk for the Iraqi people? "Mo Dao is not ecstasy, the curtain is winding west wind, people are thinner than yellow flowers", she is her talented and literary, she will pin her deepest thoughts on der the bleak scene of the yellow flowers and the residual leaves Short Newport Cigarettes, the window is still alone, and the north wind picks up the blue silk. At this moment, only waiting and waiting.iting, how many times have you penetrated the spring, summer, autumn and winter. In a Jingxi cloth skirt, ask: When is the Mingcheng, when is it going to the moss? However, after a few more spring flowers and autumn months, the dreams are all him... the light gauze in front of the bed is a heart-thinking, drinking a cup of Light wine, but can not stand the wind that night, missed like a shadow, long into the heart, bursting out of her flowery smile on the branches of thece upon a time Marlboro Red 100'S Wholesale, she asked Jun to return. Jun asked her if she saw the wild goose returning. She suddenly thought that the geese had passed, and in order to wait for her to count, she was notAn, waiting is also a kind of happiness, although after all it is empty.dication strings are broken, the sound of the piano is swallowed, and the feelings are so embarrassing; the moon is round, people are not sleeping, and the autumn water looks through. The moonlight is poured down like water, so that the chastity covers the courtyard, and her figure is pulled long and long. Once upon a time Cheap Newports C, she did not know who was raised in the deep palace. How could she expect the emperor to press the stability of the two countries on her delicate shoulders? The night wind would break the midnight dream. Finally, she was red-faced, revealing the sadness under the smile, picking up a petal-like petal, sly, contemplative, is she blaming the faint Hanwang? No, no, although she is like her other women. There is a timid and fragile soul, but the thought that her "not going" will cause the innocent Dawn people to be involved in the fiery war, the only remaining "resentment" in her heart has disappeared. calmness, her indifference, silently interpret her own choices, a phrase "I go" to let too many people relieved with relief, no one knows the choice, she left the most empty On the one hand, because her heart has let go of her own happiness, the smile and happiness on the faces of the people after the stability of the two countries emerged in my mind. She, looking back, when an ordinary woman's choice will involve the safety of the country, she is so lucky, although more or less mixed with some suffering.r it is her shy face like a sea otter, or the choice of her catkins, it has left a legacy for the future generations. A deep palace rose is soojun, your choice and pay for the stability of the two countries, in fact, this is also a kind of happiness, although it will face the sunset over the desert.nk: Happiness is not just a "small mountain, no combination of heaven and earth, but a courage and a stern"; not only "Jun as a meteorite, but also as a scorpion, a scorpion, a scorpion" It��s a long time; it��s not just a watch that��s ��close to the seams, but it��s a delay to return��; it��s a beautiful pursuit of ��the belt is gradually widened and regrets Wholesale Newport 100'S, and the Iraqi people are eliminated��; Worry and worry, the music of the world is happy and happy.

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