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17.12.2020 09:03
The video was taken by William "Roddie" Bryan Antworten

"All right guys, everybody’s got their weapons up, correct? ” the officer asks. The men aren't holding guns.

Gregory McMichael can be seen trying to console his son, who's pacing back and forth.

“It's going to be OK, ” Gregory McMichael tells him. “You had no choice. ”

One of Arbery's legs moves and his head turns slightly. A gasping sound can be heard on the recording.

The second officer to arrive puts on rubber gloves, rolls Arbery over and presses a hand to the wound in his chest.

“He's still breathing, man, ” says a man's voice nearby.

“I know. I'm going to try to do something for him, " the officer replies. He stops after about two minutes and calls to tell dispatchers Arbery has died.

Gregory McMichael had recently retired from a long career as an investigator for the local district attorney. At least two of the arriving officers recognized him and called to him by name. Those he doesn't know he tells that he's a former law officer, and that the. 357 magnum handgun he grabbed before chasing Arbery was police-issued.

Gregory McMichael tells police Arbery attacked his son and “was trying to take the shotgun away from him. ”.]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url]

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