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Domestic high-quality and high-end tobacco raw materials with sufficient aroma Online Cigarettes, moderate nicotine, and low tar production are the main raw materials. The mature tobacco compatibility technology and horizontal and vertical formula technology are used to carefully select and proportion to optimize the formula structure; supplemented by domestic and foreign advanced natural Flavors and fragrances are carefully blended, and on the basis of ensuring the unique quality characteristics of tobacco leaf raw materials, the flavor style and characteristics are more prominent. After investigation, the price of the new version of Liqun is per package. The smoke is even and smooth when it is ignited and opened, and there is no irritation to the throat. The impact of the smoke after entering the lungs is mild, uniform and full, rather than soft and weak. Spit out smoke slowly, the respiratory tract feels natural and coordinated. Taking a thick breath, the smoke slowly continued to pass through the throat and into the lungs. As the dose of smoke increases, the impact of smoke after entering the lungs gradually increases, but it does not produce excessive depression characteristics. The mouth and nose are opened together, and the smoke is expelled quickly. The smell from the nostrils is more intense. The feeling on the lips and teeth remains pure. The quality of the flue gas at the tail end is better maintained. The cigarette case uses advanced cardboard offset printing process to increase the hidden anti-counterfeiting function Newport Cigarettes, and the surface treatment adopts the calendering process, so that the packaging is bright and bright, and the viewing angle effect of the counter is highlighted. The color combination of red and gray is more harmonious and perfect, making the trademark On the basis of optimization, it has more novel and eye-catching effects. The red "filter cigarette" words on the front cover of the box cover the gold background. If it is white on the red background, it is the old version. The upper part of the back is inlaid with the silver laser logo of the representative landscape of Hangzhou, the three pools and the moon., Very eye-catching.
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