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14.10.2020 10:36
Feds claim Raniere and his slave masters Antworten

The point was not necessarily original, but either because of her national prominence or her history as a prosecutor, Harris seemed to break through where other Democrats could not.

Later, as she was being questioned by Harris about immigration, Barrett said “every case has consequences on peoples’ lives, ” and that considering those real-life consequences was “part of the judicial decision-making process. ” That was at odds with her oft-repeated promise to consider only the original meaning of the Constitution when deciding cases.

Harris pounced, noting that among these consequences of repealing the Affordable Care Act would be the loss of coverage for millions. Barrett said she would “consider” the issue, were things come to that.

Effective as Harris have been, she is not likely to convince any Republicans to vote against Barrett. At the same time, relentless reminders that Trump and Trump-appointed judges want to repeal the Affordable Care Act could prove deleterious to Republican prospects on Election Day. India, now 29, is the daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg. Both women attended the first meeting for Raniere’s “self-help” group together, but it was India who was slowly brainwashed as she was led astray from her mom.

“And that was all strategic. And we were unaware of why they were doing that at the time, ” Catherine said in the joint interview. “But it's actually something that I learned later on called parental alienation. ”

India spent nearly seven years — and $100, 000 — in the organization.

“That's years of grooming. And when you’re unaware, it’s so easy to be led astray, especially by people who are masters at manipulation, ” she said. “And these people were that, especially Keith Raniere. He’s a master at manipulation. ”.]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url]

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