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27.08.2020 09:07
Women for Trump (some of whom work for him) Antworten

Midler took aim at President Donald Trump's wife during the second night of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. While live tweeting the First Lady’s speech, the 74-year-old entertainer called Melania an “illegal alien” who “can’t speak English” (among other jabs). While Midler was initially unapologetic, it appears she had a change of heart.

“I was wrong to make fun of her accent. America is made up people who speak with all kinds of accents, and they are all welcomed always, ” the Hocus Pocus star tweeted on Wednesday. Hurricane Laura made landfall in southwestern Louisiana as a ferocious Category 4 monster with 150 mph winds early Thursday, swamping a low-lying coast with ocean water that forecasters said could be 20 feet deep and unsurvivable.

The National Hurricane Center said the storm, which intensified rapidly Wednesday before plowing into land, came ashore at 1 a. m. CDT near Cameron, a 400-person community about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of the Texas border.

“Potentially catastrophic impacts will continue, ” forecasters said.

Winds gusted above hurricane force to 127 mph (204 kph) while Laura's northern eyewall moved onshore over Cameron Parish. Forecasters said even stronger winds were possible that could rip apart buildings, level trees and toss vehicles like toys.

Authorities had implored coastal residents of Texas and Louisiana to evacuate, but not everyone did before howling winds began buffeting trees back and forth in an area that was devastated by Rita in 2005.

Video and photos on social media showed torrents of rain flying sideways past street lights in Lake Charles, and streets covered with water closer to the coast. A sudden storm surge knocked over cameras meant to capture the hurricane’s effects.]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url]

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