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28.04.2020 03:43
will be specially careful Antworten

Originally the mountain household is located in insularity, and the real strenght is strong, plus to be apart from evil all the Yan fly of the old nest is very near, perhaps and when meeting again enter make a dreamlike mansion, and Yan's flying doesn't dare to promise that oneself can rush through a time in time each time as well.So for the sake of safety since see, he wants to thoroughly uproot, will have been already exposed this time of mountain originally household and Xiao surname household thoroughly put out to kill.
By so doing, the Yan flies ability the previous shot of perfect solution oneself kill Xiao empty, Xiao dragon, mountain originally ten soldier Weis' troubles.Isn't only this, do one part of real strenght that can also exterminate mysterious organization like this, come to one for that mysterious organization to dismount Wei.Let them know the end that gives offense to they, so mysterious organization when the ferment deals with oneself's scheme will be specially careful.

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