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28.04.2020 03:42
Knew unmanned machine various Antworten

Knew unmanned machine various Yan of extreme limit number flies then happy not already, as long as he like various ability of making use of the unmanned machine well, he offers for sale person shocked real strenght of exertion.That time, he even if a person resist a nation, is not an impossible affair either.
After basic data test completes, the unmanned machine again and up floats sea surface, Gao in 25000 meters is empty to be gone forward with rapid 2.500% velocity facing insularity directions.
The Yan flies previous shot to kill mountain originally household black dress ninja of time, ever once said to be going to seek insularity to seek mountain originally the trouble of household, that wasn't him because cut up rough to say of angry words, but is the trouble that really was going to seek the other party.Originally that mountain household is one of the member of mysterious organization, come to deal with Yan to fly this time, basically don't fly way out for Yan, so originally the mountain household is the enemy whom the Yan flies.

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