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28.04.2020 03:42
This detection lets Antworten

This detection lets the Yan don't already fly delight and compares unmanned machine other ability to promote, this ability is the most practical.Once the unmanned machine engages with others on the sea surface, not under the enemy's circumstance can Qian's arriving 5,000 meters depth at any time , after getting to this depth, wased a torpedo no matter also good, is still a deep water bomb also good, basically can not attackstone him.Even if took place to demolish the whole mankind's pit war, the Yan flew a person that take oneself's like and hid in 5000 deep bottom of seas and depended on the food of storage in the in general use space, can be safe to spend the most dangerous stage.So say that this is most one that the Yan flies for the importance to protect life means.
Then the Yan fly on the 5,000 meters deep bottom of sea and continue and test unmanned machine each data, process continuously of experiment behind, discover that the quantum radar is in the sea water of farthest probes into distance and comes to a 200 kilometers, and the unmanned machine shoots of torpedo of farthest the attack distance come to a 100 kilometers, the attack speed of the torpedo also comes to a 360 kilometers.Before these datas compare didn't get stripe, have already got a substantial progress.

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