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28.04.2020 03:42
The unmanned machine facing north flies to Antworten

The unmanned machine facing north flies to, it once wore insularity the extension is toward the south of first chain in the island, got into vast Pacific Ocean.Then the unmanned machine again lower height and sneak in sea surface under, continue each data of testing the unmanned machine.
Under the sea surface, the unmanned machine continuously descends Qian.Its Qian deeply becomes 1,000 meters from 600 meters, the place in 1,000 meters, the unmanned machine didn't feel any pressure.Hence it continues Qian, soon descend Qian to arrive the depth of 2,000 meters, discover that the unmanned machine acts self-composed, there is obviously also Qian space.Hence the unmanned machine continues Qian, arrive at 3,000 meters, 4,000 meters and 5,000 meters.
After arriving the depth of 5,000 meters, unmanned machine again downwards the Qian became very difficult, because the operation of unmanned machine has already started appearing a certain problem.Is also say, the unmanned machine after getting stripe deeply has already come to a terrible 5,000 meters in the biggest Qian of bottom of sea.Even if are this depth at 5,000 meters, as long as don't continue Qian, the unmanned machine still keeps keeping a vivid mobility.The just unmanned machine Qian must be more deep, for resisting the energy of the depletion of water pressure to order also more many.However if the unmanned machine doesn't do other action, stop like this deep place at 5,000 meters, the energy that breaks every day orders already enough it the deep sea in 5,000 meters hid last a day.

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