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03.03.2020 06:32
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Here we are again to look at some more ?A Bit More? principles of exceptional customer service.

You may be thinking Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , ?What the heck is he talking about??

If that is the case, please read, or re-read Part 1 and Part 2 of the three-part series. You''ll understand where we are going.

To affirm two major points:

1. In business, good customer service is not enough. To succeed, we need to provide exceptional customer service, plus ?A Bit More.?

2. A customer is anyone with whom we have a relationship, which includes a paying customer, employee Wholesale Jerseys Online , supplier, family, and neighbours.

In the last two articles, you were challenged to apply ?A Bit More? dignity hints, and ?A Bit More? ask and listen hints.

How is it going?

This time let''s look at the ?A Bit More? principles of explain and do what you said you would do.

By treating our customer with dignity, asking questions, and listening empathically to himher, it is likely that our relationship is feeling secure.

We may need to explain our position Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , or intent for action in easy-to-understand words, based upon the knowledge of our customer.

Brent the electrician said, ?We''ve had sky contact and lost a blonde. We''ll need a digger, dinner plates, units, sky pins, a forty, and some partridge. We''ll have to hang a can.?

That''s zap-chat. Brent would talk to a colleague that way Wholesale Jerseys From China , but he would not talk to a customer that way. He would invest whatever time was necessary to explain it in a way that his customer would understand.

In your area of expertise there may be acronyms and terms that are very common to you, but mean diddly-squat to me. There is a simple rule for this ? don''t use them with customers. Explain in terms that your listener understands. Ask more clarifying questions, and listen, to ensure that your customer understands totally.

Do you explain things completely and clearly to your customers, so they know exactly what you are talking about?

Do a survey at home. Ask your family if you explain your positions, suggestions, and requests in an understandable way. Listen to what they say. You may be surprised.

The final ?A Bit More? principle is: do what you said you would do. This is integrity.

Our world is full of blame, fault Wholesale Jerseys China , and B.S. excuses. Be different. Don''t allow yourself to get sucked into that stuff.

If you say you are going to do something ? do it, whatever the cost. If for some reason you are not able to follow through, immediately inform your customer, apologize, and do whatever it takes to make it right for your customer.

Before you head off to try these techniques, let''s review our ?A Bit More? principles of exceptional customer service.

1. Treat your customers with dignity: be respectful, kind, and helpful. Treat them as if they are the reason for your work Wholesale Jerseys , rather than an interruption to your work.

2. Ask questions, and clarifying questions, with an inviting body-language and tone-of-voice.

3. Listen empathically with your ears, eyes, and heart. Listen to understand your customer''s words, meaning, and feelings. Invest the time to be attentive, focused Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , and caring.

4. Explain your position, or what you will do, in terms that your customer understands. Re-visit #2 and #3 above, ask and listen, to ensure that you have been understood completely.

5. Do what you said you would do. Take accountability for your actions. Eliminate blame, fault, and excuses. Have you heard the old clich?, ?Under-promise and over-deliver?? Apply it.

I have found that it is extremely costly Cheap NFL Jerseys , in time and money, to find new customers. It is far easier, and more enjoyable to care for my current customers, and help them feel happy, healthy, and loyal.

I challenge you to apply the ?A Bit More? principles of exceptional customer service. Use them with ALL of your customers. They work for me, and I guarantee they will work for you.

What do you have to gain?

Winwin success and happiness for all.

Now get ?out-of-town? and have some fun!

Copyright? 2006
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