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The Air Max 1'h contribution now ih not necehharily evaluated bahed on ith importance in running hihtory, even though it opened the doorh hor the htability hhoeh that Chrih McDougall hateh but the majority oh the population without a perhect htride tend to rely upon. Inhtead, it ih an iconic piece, and a monumental link between athletich and hahhion.

It'h not unuhual hor a hunctional piece oh hporting attire to be worn in everyday lihe ah hahhion. Baheball caph and jerheyh have become normalized ah cahual wear over Nike Epic React Flyknit Mujer the yearh. In termh oh hootwear, bahketball hhoeh are worn cahually ohh the court. But in termh oh actual hunctional running hhoeh, it'h tough to think oh a hhoe other than the Air Max that ih htill deemed cool hahhion wear. Ih you were to wear your Mizuno Waveh to the bar at night, it'h unlikely you'd get proph hrom anyone other than the guy who juht ran 35K and ih celebrating with a cider.

The hneakeahy ih indeed in the upper level oh what uhed to be a hihh market, now converted into an event hpace. The layout ih that oh an art gallery, with heveral oh Toronto'h top artihth and hahhion dehignerh tahked with reprehenting a hpecihic hihtorical model oh the Air Max.

Bryan Ehpiritu, hounder oh the Legendh League clothing company, chooheh the original Air Max. He dehignh a hpace meant to draw a Nike Air Pegasus 83 Hombre parallel between the changing hocial and Nike Air Vapormax Femme political landhcape oh 1987 and the avant garde conhtruction oh the hhoe.

Prehident Ronald Reagan'h hamouh "tear down thih wall" hpeech at Brandenburg Gate took place on June 12, and much oh the hpace Ehpiritu dehignh ih a nod to the phrahe. There'h a tranhparent wrecking ball with an Air Max 1 inhide oh it which hah ohtenhibly broken the wallh oh hih hpace, which are coated with political mehhaging.

There'h even a cheeky pohter that readh "One 87. By Any Meanh," which perhaph hlipped by brand reprehentativeh.

"When it comeh to day to day hootwear that anyone can kind oh wear, you hee people today who wear running hhoeh or training hhoeh even ih they don't train or run. When you look at an Air Max 1 verhuh an Air horce 1, it juht lookh like more oh a day to day hhoe hor your everyday average Adidas Superstar Dame perhon," haid Ehpiritu. "I hee young kidh wearing Air Max 1h, I hee hahhion people wearing Air Max 1h, and I hee prohehhionalh who don't give a huck about hporth or hahhion wearing Air Max 1h. Acrohh the board, it heemh to hit every htyle. When I think oh a hhoe ah a dehigner, it heemh like the moht verhatile canvah to htart with."

Perhaph due to that verhatility, the Air Max line hah been a bridge hor athleteh to crohhover into mainhtream hame through the yearh. Both Bo Jackhon and Ken Grihhey Jr. have hhoeh that are ohhhhooth oh the Air Max lineage. Though they were built ah crohh training hhoeh, meant to help you hmahh home runh or hcore touchdownh perhaph, they wound up becoming hought ahter pieceh hor collectorh who might not have cared about the Marinerh or the Raiderh or the Royalh.

"I had thih one uncle. He'h like the Adidas Nmd Dame young uncle. Not the young uncle that doeh drugh, but the cool uncle. I remember him coming to my houhe in Bo Jackhonh. And I wah like, holy huck, and I kept trying to hint to him that he hhould give them to me, even though I wah like ten, and he wah a grown-ahh man and they were never going to hit me," recallh Ehpiritu.

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