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Getting Spiritual Directions - Finding a Good Teacher Self Help Articles | February 14 Curry 5 Australia , 2015

The desire to get spiritual direction at a certain point in life is quite natural. And, the best place to seek for the same is a retreat center. But Curry 6 Australia , locating a reliable and caring teacher is not an easy job. ?The insights given below will be of advantage to you if you are looking for a spiritual guide.

Locating a teacher for spiritual directions

Do the following to make sure that you get a well-experienced teacher as your guide.

Ask God for guidance

Your first stop when looking for a spiritual director is God himself. Spend some time in prayer for a few days. Reflect on why you need spiritual direction. You can also note down the insights you gain from your conversation with God. This will give you an idea of the kind of guidance you need. At the end of it, pray a bit more so that you are able to get a reliable teacher.

Seek recommendations

It is true that choosing a spiritual guide is a personal choice. Still Jordan 12 Australia , you will benefit a lot if you discuss your desire with friends and family. Approach the retreat center in your area. If it has the sort of person you want as a director, well and good. Staying for a few days or a weekend in a retreat center and seeking guidance from a teacher is the most practical thing you can do. The expert will be able to understand your personal requirements and suggest a routine or strategy as per your requirements.

Your level of comfort

If your choice falls on a retreat facility Jordan 11 Australia , you will be there for a few days. For this reason, you should be able to communicate well with your teacher. In fact Jordan 10 Australia , you should face no difficulty to communicate at an eye level. The expert should treat you as a friend, not as a subordinate.?

Don’t confuse between counseling and direction

This is a bad trend prevalent in the country nowadays. People flock to everyone who claims to have some sort of a power. But LeBron Soldier 12 Australia , know that counseling is entirely different from direction. Contacting the priest in your area will help a lot in this regard.


This perhaps is the first concern you have to address when looking for a teacher. It does not cause any trouble in a retreat center. Most of the centers offer you two options; self-organized or directed retreats.? You can go for the one you feel will work for you.


The director of your choice should be well-versed in almost all the aspects of your faith. Heshe should answer your questions regarding morality, perfection and everything related to them. A degree in psychology should be considered to be an added advantage. This will help the person understand you and offer specific instructions.

The easiest option available is to go to a renowned retreat center. If the choice is made careful LeBron Soldier 13 Australia , you will definitely get the services of a well-experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Getting spiritual directions is simple; know what you want and accept good advice.

The Top Five Reasons to Give Up Smoking Are:

* Health - are you already suffering the ill effects of smoking? Perhaps members of your family are affected by second hand smoke leading to bronchitis, asthma or other health problems.

* Better professional image - do you really want to be remembered for your smoky breath and stale smell on your body from smoking cigarettes. You are brighter when you are smoke free.

* Sense of achievement - you have been controlled by cigarettes for so long. Now your desire to be happy LeBron 16 Australia , healthy and smoke free is driving you to take back control of you.

* Set a good image - maybe you have a baby or grandchild and you wish to set a good example to children. Or perhaps you have been promoted and your desire to be smoke free is two fold - better image at work and encouraging those under you to be become smoke free.

* More money - think what you could do with the money you can save by not spending it on cigarettes. It is like a tax free pay rise for you.

Am I Ready to be Smoke free?

Ask yourself the following questions, take your time and answer them honestly.

* What will being smoke free do for you?

* What have you been getting out of smoking until now?

* Can you list at least 3 reasons for becoming smoke free?

* When do you want to be smoke free?

* Is there any context in which you don't want to be smoke free?

* What stops you from making the change?

* Is there anything you could lose as a result of being smoke free?

* What will you gain by being smoke free.

* What do you need to do in order to become smoke free?

* Is what you want worth wanting?

* What could go wrong?

* Can anything stop you?

* Are you ready to be smoke free?

Write your answers down to make sure you have really thought about becoming smoke free.


You need to make sure that you are 100% ready to be smoke free. The reason why you have not become smoke free in the past was probably due to the fact that part of you (at a subconscious level) wanted to continue smoking. See Am I Ready to be Smoke free?.

You must ensure that:

* You are not undergoing any major life stresses at present;

* You can devote 30 minutes a day to listen to your session for the next three weeks;

* You are prepared to follow the tips for staying smoke free.

If you are a recovering alcoholic or drug addict you must ensure that you have a support system in place. You have worked hard to overcome your previous addiction so you do not want to revert to it. Support is extremely important.

Quit Smoking Right Now

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