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30.12.2019 03:05
During the summer vacation Antworten

During the summer vacation, Aunt Fang sent me a book, this book is Huang Beijia's "I want to be a good child". This book has won the "Nomination Award for the Fifth Song Qingling Children's Literature Award" and the 6th Central Propaganda Department Spiritual Civilization Construction of "May 1st Project Award" and so on. I couldn't help getting this book. I read it over and over again, and was deeply attracted by the wonderful storyline. I like Jin Ling, the protagonist of the book "I'm going to be a good child". She is a good child with a moderate grade, but she is alert, kind, and upright. She has a lively, cheerful and compassionate personality. She encountered difficulties in her studies and her parents' mistrust. After all her efforts, she finally won the trust of her parents. There is another reason I like her, that is, we are all about the same age, and I have many similarities with her. The most important point is that we all love small animals. From the beginning of the book, there was a detailed and specific introduction to Jin Ling, which made people feel as if Jin Ling was around like a familiar classmate. This is the book: Jin Ling, she is in sixth grade at Xinhua Street Primary School. It is 1.55 meters tall and weighs 50 kg. It is a standard heavyweight player. Because of her fatness, her face, nose, and mouth are round and beeping. When she looks at it, she likes it. When she likes it, she can't help but slap her face. Jin Ling has been struck thousands of times on her face since she was small. One of the biggest features of Jin Ling is that she is ��competently familiar��. Men, women, children, old and young are noble and cheap, and she can always talk and speak the same language. Regarding Jin Ling's grades, the language hovered around 85 points, high is not higher than 90, and low is not lower than 80. English scores can only be said to be careless, generally 90 points. Just because math is bad. How messy and messy her schoolbag is, and she loses it, and the eraser loses one piece on average every two days. The most interesting thing in Jinling's life is the silkworm baby incident. Zhang Lingling was showing off a silkworm baby she had just bought at the school gate. She said she dared to put the silkworm on her tongue. When Zhang Lingling put the silkworm on her tongue, Li Xiaojuan didn't dare to look at it, but Jin Ling stared intently and curiously. Look. Suddenly the baby silkworm on Zhang Lingling's tongue disappeared. It turned out that the baby silkworm was accidentally swallowed by Zhang Lingling, and Zhang Lingling threw the baby silkworm out of his mind. The kind Jin Ling is very pitiful to these silkworm babies. She tangled for a while and brought the silkworm babies home. Because the silkworm babies had no mulberry leaves, Jin Ling was worried that they would starve to death. So Jin Ling turned over the iron gate with a fence to look for it. She happened to know her grandma who was a special teacher in elementary school before retiring Parliament Cigarettes. She also taught math in graduation class. They agreed that Jin Ling could make up classes at Grandma's house every day, but only if she could not tell her teacher or family. She was curious about Grandma Jin, why do you want to help me? Grandma answered because I like you. I help people who like it feel happy. Grandma Grandma's words touched me very much. It turned out that helping others would be happier! Because Jinling's mother was worried about Jinling, she became a detective and learned that Grandma was teaching Jinling. So he insisted on visiting. Because there was an agreement, if the matter was made known to others, the make-up class would stop immediately Newport Cigarettes, but Jin Ling still worked hard to prevent her grandma and grandma who like her from disappointing, and her math scores continued to rise steadily. In fact, every classmate is the same as Jin Ling. She wants to be a good child and wants to be a good child of mom and dad. Jin Ling worked hard and she did it. After reading this book, I also hope that I can be a good child, a good child who is caring, helpful, optimistic, and actively working; a good child who keeps parents from worrying and allows teachers to worry about it. I think, just like the original intention and good intentions of Aunt Fang who sent me this book, children without umbrellas must run hard. She also hopes that I can grow up to be a good child. I do n��t have to be the first or the best, but the quality must be good. . I have read this book many times over and over again, and I feel that some places are too similar to me, such as sloppy, messy schoolbags, thrown loose and so on. From today on, I will work hard to get rid of some shortcomings and minor faults in myself, and learn Jinling's spirit of "not winning, not losing" in learning. I must work hard and I must be a good child!
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