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30.12.2019 03:04
In my previous safety Antworten

In my previous safety education class, stories such as "Wolf and Seven Little Lambs" and "Little Red Riding Hood" are often used as cases to tell and games to go deeper. Although familiar with the heart, the charm of the picture book still attracts me. You see, the wolf hated by countless children almost took up the entire cover. Its sharp minions, shining eyes and huge body contrasted with the small, clear and bright eyes of the lamb. The fate of lambs affects our hearts. As the storyline continued to deepen, I was deeply impressed by Mr. Jin Zhongmin's brushes. The insidiousness of the wolf and the weak and kindness of the lamb were portrayed vividly. Lambs are lucky in Brother Green's writings, but in real life, can our children be as lucky as them? Why are lambs so easily deceived, and why do the wolf's tricks succeed? The reason for this could help me to calm down and reflect on the whole plot of the story. It is not difficult to find the wisdom and patience that the wolf uses to achieve his purpose. When the wolf knocked on the door for the first time, he wore the same cloak as the mother sheep and brought delicious food. From this point of view, it is not only very familiar with the living habits of the Lamb's family Cigarettes For Sale, but also deeply aware of Lamb's preferences and heart, it is well prepared. When his conspiracy was spotted by the lamb, it did not give up, but bought a huge piece of chalk and swallowed it. These brave ventures and willingness to invest made a good foundation for its success; When his trick was discovered again by the lamb, he still did not give up, bought some flour and painted his face white, which fully showed his wisdom and patience, so the lambs eventually fell into The lameness of the lamb in its hands and the unfortunate encounter always make us pity. When the lamb was attacked by the big wolf, he was ��frightened! Screaming everywhere to find a place to hide��, which shows the small strength of the lamb and the panic and lack of calmness and wisdom when facing danger. Home is a harbor for children to live and rest. The world of children is just like the world of lambs in picture books, beautiful and kind. By our side, there are always a few "strangers" like the wolf. They take advantage of the children's goodness, innocence and ignorance, and use whatever means they can to make them lose their goodness Parliament Cigarettes. Life, some even lost their young lives. Remember during the safety education activities last semester, we went to the park to invite a few enthusiastic people to play "strangers". These "strangers" "please" our children. As a result, a child in the small class was taken away by a "stranger"! After this laughter, we still have a lot of fear: "These strangers are invited to perform, but if not? What if it is really a bad person? According to various cases, the most common method for strangers to chat with each other Is to seduce the child with food or play, or a friend or colleague dressed as a parent of the child tricked the child to take him to see the parent, etc. Because the children are born fun, delicious, and curious, they have a weak sense of prevention. If they encounter criminals, it is easy Deceived by their little tricks. So, as a child's enlightenment teacher, how should we teach a child like a sheep to have the wisdom of a wolf? How to make children more vigilant and reject strangers' friendship? First of all, we should learn the wolf "Prepared for nothing", often ask the child some safety issues, often practice safety matters to help children establish a sense of safety. We can educate children with a tentative tone, "when father and mother are not there, what should someone do to find? What to do after being abducted by a bad person? What if you are lost? In this way, the child can learn from others, bypass the class, and improve the awareness of safety protection. Second, we should let the child learn the courage and wisdom of the wolf, and let the child abide by the family's agreement: when the mother goes to the trash or goes to the neighbor's house, the child will be alone . Although it is a short time, danger can come at any time, and children must be careful. When a person is at home, the door must be closed first. If someone knocks on the door, who must be identified first? Do not open the door if you have not made an appointment in advance; or do not make a sound, pretend that there is no one in the writer. In addition, you should write down or write down the phone number of your parents in advance. If something happens, you must talk to your parents first. Getting in touch with children is the hope of the family and the future of the motherland Marlboro Cigarettes. Let the story of "Wolf and the Seven Lambs" sound the alarm for us all the time. Let us use the wisdom of the wolf to stay away from "strangers" and make the family a child The safest haven
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