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07.12.2019 08:41
been on a their recent hot stre Antworten

Finding Keywords Straight From The Bank... ECommerce Articles | March 28 Cheap Luke Schenn Jersey , 2005

I still remember the day I read about this strategy in an excellent newsletter and was blown away. I went straight to my computer and started using what I learned and I was amazed at how much money I made!

I had found golden keywords straight from the bank ? or at least ones that went straight TO my bank!

What keywords? MISspelled keywords. That?s right ? I actually found profit in something people are doing ?wrong.? Any time someone spells a word wrong on the internet, I stand to make a hefty profit!

What are misspelled keywords?

Misspelled keywords are words that are frequently misspelled by searchers on search engines. An example would be to type "intrenet" instead of "internet" - you would be surprised as to how many times misspelled keywords appear.

Why to use them?

Misspelled keywords can be very profitable because there is little competition against them and they still bring very targeted traffic. Optimize for them because others likely are not. Also Cheap Ryan Kesler Jersey , use pay per click with them because most other are not!

What are some of the advantages?

There are many advantages of using misspelled keywords, here are a few:

1. Little competition - most are focusing on the competitive "correct spelling."
2. High searches - most make the same spelling mistake and many make the mistake so you still have a high number of searches.

3. Easier to work with - because of less competition these words are easier to optimize for.

4. Cheaper - you can buy pay per click traffic on these keywords for far less (more on this later).

5. Still targeted traffic - you are still getting highly targeted traffic.
Where and how to find them?

One of the best ways is to just sit down with your list of keywords and to think of any possible misspelling possible. Also Cheap Ryan Getzlaf Jersey , you can go to keyword search tools like the one at Overture, http:www.content.overturedUSmacindex.jhtml and see what the most common errors are repeating themselves. We also suggest a program called Wordtracker Cheap Corey Perry Jersey , http:www.AffiliateClassroomKeywords. This is a far better tool than the one offered by Overture.

How to optimize for them?

The same way you do for any normal keyword. Make sure that the keyword appears in it is misspelled form through your content, in your meta tags and in incoming links to your website. Optimizing for a misspelled keyword is no different than optimizing for regular keywords - just easier :)

Using Pay Per Click with misspelled keywords

Make sure to add as many misspellings as you can possibly find into your pay per click campaigns. For a keyword that costs you over a dollar or more per click Cheap Andrew Cogliano Jersey , you may very well pay 5-10 cents a click for the misspelling.

Although more and more people are discovering this strategy and bidding up the misspelled keywords as well, there are still some golden nuggets there.

If you?re one of those affiliates who makes their money by running Google Adword campaigns ? I have just told you something that can seriously double your income by tomorrow. Take all of your campaigns Cheap Cam Fowler Jersey , one at a time and find all the possible misspelled keywords you can find. Test them like you do with everything else?

So as the Seattle Mariners have been on a their recent hot streak this season the big debate has been, do the Mariners have a chance to contend or should they look to continue to build for the future. I have to start off by telling you that I am one of those guys who doesn’t get all giddy about my team being .500.I don’t even get all excited about my team making the playoffs and then quickly exiting. Call me crazy but I want to see my team win championships. As a lifelong Seattle sports fan for 33 years I have no experience of what that’s like. I have seen the Sonics in the NBA Finals and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl Wholesale Anaheim Ducks Jerseys , only to be heart broken when they lost. The Mariner’s management have over the years showed a fondness for the phrase “being competitive”. You hear the fans now saying it daily on sports radio.”I just want to see the M’s be competitive”. It drives me nuts! It reminds me of what parents tell tee ball players “just go out and have fun and it doesn’t matter if you win or not, just as long as you try hard”. That works for little kids but it shouldn’t be acceptable in Professional Sports. When Jackie Z was hired two years ago I could not have been happier because he understood that you can waste a lot of years and money just “being competitive”. To be a championship caliber organization you had to willing to be in hard work and do it the right way. He talked about building from the ground floor up. Restocking the minor leagues Wholesale Ducks Jerseys , developing young talent and spending free agent money on the right guys. Doing this most often means the team is gonna be terrible for a couple years , but you are better off once you get through the process. When the plan works you find yourself with young exceptional talent on your major league roster that is prepared to battle for championships for many years. The minor leagues are stocked with guys who can add to your club in the future. You also have the finances and minor league talent to add missing pieces in the middle of seasons via trades.

I’m totally on board with this model of building an organization. I have joked with friends before this season that I gave the Mariners permission to suck for the next couple years as long as they stick to their stated plan. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with how they are currently playing. I take a lot of joy out of watching games this year. I enjoying watching the young . Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Custom Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys From China

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