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Week 6 pundit power rankings: Rams and Chiefs still on top For the second straight week Mitch Morse Jersey , the pundits we’re tracking agree unanimously: the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are 1-2 at the top of the NFL.I must say I’m a little surprised.Last week, the way the pundits were talking about the upcoming Chiefs game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, I thought a Chiefs victory might convince at least some of them to move the Chiefs up a notch.You have to wonder if they’d have an entirely different view if Patrick Mahomes had thrown a touchdown pass or two.So as Bill Belichick himself might say... we’re on to New England.Pundit Power Rankings for Week 6Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsHere's what the pundits we're tracking said about the Chiefs this week:ESPN (2nd from 2nd)MMQB (2nd from 2nd) (Elliot Harrison - 2nd from 2nd)SBNation (Rebecca Toback - 2nd from 2nd)Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer - 2nd from 2nd)Yahoo! Sports (Frank Schwab - 2nd from 2nd)CBS Sports (Pete Prisco - 2nd from 2nd)USA Today (Nate Davis - 2nd from 2nd)Other power rankings we noticed this week:NBC Sports (Cam Ellis — 2nd from 4th) It was Mahomes’ worst game and the Chiefs’ best. Dismantling the Jaguars defense like that was eye-opening.Washington Post (Mark Maske — 2nd from 2nd) Patrick Mahomes finally threw an interception this season (and then another) but the Chiefs offense just kept going against Jacksonville’s celebrated defense. A second straight difficult test looms with this Sunday night’s game at New England.NESN (Joshua Schrek — 1st from 2nd) Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City’s high-powered offense rolled over one Super Bowl contender in Week 5 (the Jacksonville Jaguars) and now head to Foxboro to try to cement their claim as the AFC’s best team in a battle with the Patriots. Bleeding Green Nation (Brandon Lee Gowton — 1st from 1st) Andy Reid’s team continues to look (Joe Giglio — 2nd from 2nd) This team scored 30 points even on a down day (by his standards) for Patrick Mahomes.Chicago Tribune (Brad Biggs — 2nd from 2nd) For once the defense was the story of the day as the Chiefs picked off Blake Bortles four times, sacked him five times and forced a fumble in a blowout win.Things are settling down a little after five weeks of the season.They pundits like the Cleveland Browns more and more — a three-point win against the Ravens moved them up six spots in the aggregated rankings, which was the biggest jump of the week.The Texans rose five spots after narrowly winning the Battle of Texas against the Cowboys on Sunday.The Denver Broncos had the biggest fall in the rankings, dropping six positions after losing to the New York Jets.(A special shout-out here to CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco, who very satisfyingly dropped Denver 12 places).Speaking of AFC West teams Chris Jones Jersey , we haven’t yet mentioned the Oakland Raiders in our weekly power rankings roundup.And we’re not going to do so today, either.We’ll just let that big 30 in the table speak for itself.Finally, an interesting disagreement this week.Most of the pundits agreed that the Washington Redskins should be dinged after losing to the New Orleans Saints 43-19.But Yahoo! held the Redskins steady, and ESPN’s panel of writers voted Washington up two spots!On Wednesday — as always — we’ll collect the data from the number-crunchers, and assemble Arrowhead Pride True Power Rankings for Week 6.Be sure to check it out! The NFL has an officiating problem. The NFL knows it has an officiating problem. The question becomes whether the NFL will finally do something meaningful to fix its officiating problem, given the embarrassing outcome in the Rams-Saints game.The simplest solution comes from an idea that has been advocated here on numerous occasions in recent years. The league should expand each officiating crew by one, and the league should put that eighth crew member not on the field but in a booth Tanoh Kpassagnon Jersey , with access to all real-time images and replay angles, and an audio link to the referee.The video official would be responsible for bridging the gap between that which the middle-aged-and-older officials see unfolding in a blender of frenetic activity around them and that which fans see at home, on high-definition flat screens. The video official would be responsible for talking to the referee after each play, consulting with the referee as to whether there’s a reason to defer to something shown by the various available TV angles.It wouldn’t constitute replay review; it would represent an extension of the first look conducted by the officials on the field. And the discussion between the video official and the referee would be no different from the on-field consultations that routinely happen between officials who had different angles as to the same play.It wouldn’t take long, or at least it shouldn’t take long. And it would be used to correct anything and everything, from the missed pass interference that happened late in the Rams-Saints game to the missed Jared Goff facemask foul happening earlier in the fourth quarter to the phantom roughing the passer foul called against the Chiefs as the Patriots were trying to reverse a 21-17 deficit.The video official would tell the referee to throw a flag, pick up a flag Armani Watts Jersey , fix the mark of a ball, anything and everything to supplement what the on-field officials see. And the replay function would still be available to fix the ruling on the field (as enhanced by the video official), but reversals would happen less frequently, since the replay angles would enhance the ruling on the field, resulting in fewer instances of clear and obvious evidence to the contrary.Much more needs to be done to improve officiating. But the time has come to make this change. Actually, the time for this change arrived a long time ago; the question is whether the rarely-proactive NFL will react to Sunday’s game by finally admitting it.

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