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r finding his father Antworten

I grew up like a father, not only looks like him, but also has the same habits and hobbies as my father. For example: I like barbecue, I like ice cream, I like reading books, I like to play computer. I remember a Sunday in the past few years. My father seems to have received a lot of bonuses. My mom asked me and my dad to buy a suit worn by my father and my sneakers. . Who knows that we did not listen to my mother's instructions, when I went out, my father pulled me straight to the food city to stuff twenty barbecues, and then rushed into the bookstore with me. "Son, go to the children's area to read a book. After half an hour Cigarettes Online, we will meet here!" When the father finished, he went to pick the book. I also ran into the children's area. I took a copy of "Naughty Fort Horse Jump" and looked at it. I was deeply attracted to the book immediately, so that I could not extricate myself for a long time in half an hour. When I closed the book, the time was already beyond my agreement with my father. I rushed to the agreed meeting place, but there was no father there. Uh... Dad is actually less punctual than I am. Suddenly, I wanted to laugh. I didn't wait in the same place. I found my father everywhere. After finding his father, he gave me money, let me buy a good book first, and then go back. When I got home, my mother looked at the book in my hand, as if I already understood what I was doing with my father. Some helplessly asked: "Which sneakers you buy?" Is this the case? Go ask Dad Parliament Cigarettes. After that, I rushed into the room and read the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" I just bought. Later, my father went home, and in the face of my mother's helpless questioning again, his answer was: "Ah? Have you said that? You ask my son Cigarettes For Sale, I am so similar to my father.
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