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In my elementary school and even in my junior high school, that class made me remember, such as the old daughter's red and mellow and intoxicating, as well as the tea-like clear rhyme, like the cinnamon light, if nothing, but if It is also faint, lingering at the tip of the nose, lingering in the memory of the river. ��Classmates, what is the language?�� Mr. Ji, with a mysterious smile, said that the teacher asked suddenly, and the students answered a lot of strange things: Wei Zhuang said with excitement: ��Language literature!�� Weirdly said: "Language is the language �. Language is the textbook, is the Chinese character, is the endless test..." Mr. Ji smiled and interrupted Carton Of Cigarettes, and said: "It is not for you to sing. In fact, what we said is not all Chinese? Language is a literary art, language art." "Students look." Teacher Ji turned and wrote two words on the blackboard. The short names 'child' and 'love'. "Students, do you feel that there is nothing missing?" Teacher Ji turned around. "I remember that the 'child' and 'love' in the Chinese characters were originally written like this." Yan Huixue, the head of the four squad leaders, gestured to the teacher with his eyes, then walked onto the podium and picked up a piece of chalk in the simplified body. Under the children and "love", two words were written, "child" and "love", but "child" has a "head", and "love" has a "heart". Teacher Ji applauded and smiled back to the snow, turned to ask me, "Flower, do you want to explain to everyone what this means? I nodded and stood up, said: "This is a traditional Chinese character. The word that truly represents the Han Chinese soul. "Children" must have a head, of course, and "love"������������" I smiled softly. "No heart, how can I love Teacher Ji to signal me to sit down, then nodded and said: "Yes, the classmates are very right. The texts of our Han people should have been written like this. Every structure, the one stroke in the ink and fragrance, is the expression of inheritance from generation to generation! It has profound meanings. It is a pity that it is silent. They are all expressions of "it was like this." They are filled with admiration and shock to the Han language. They admire. "Students, in this class, you must have a deeper understanding of the language." ? It��s just a matter of meaning, not to be told. "Mr. Ji smiled slyly. I was amazed at the wisdom of the teacher. I was able to apply the language to such a good language Marlboro Lights. It was in our side, in our life. In the long class, I was deeper." I learned that I learned Wholesale Cigarettes, "language."
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