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day Job Anxiety

You probably know the feeling by now. Your hands are clammy and you can't quite figure out why you're unable to stop them from shaking. You're not the least bit cold, but you feel like you should be wearing winter gear. You're terrified of that shadow that seems to constantly loom over your shoulder. You feel anxiety at what you're doing, even though you're well aware of your qualifications and you know you can do the job better than anyone else on the production floor. You know this is something well within the scope of your skills, but you can't help but be terrified of the prospect of your shift starting. After all, the first day is always the hardest.

The first day on a new job is always going to be a source of anxiety for an employee. There are the co-workers you have to get to know and adjust to. There are the rules and regulations of the company that you have to know, along with the unwritten conventions among the employees. In some cases, you might feel anxiety because of the intimidating nature of that supervisor who doesn't seem to do anything but walk around the office and look over his employees' shoulders.

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