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Chris Harris Jr. finally feels appreciated Antworten

ENGLEWOOD , Colo. (AP) — financially.“Oh yeah, definitely more satisfied for what I do on the field. I definitely get more respect around the league for what I’ve done and I mean, that’s what it’s about,” Harris said Wednesday following his first workout with the Denver Broncos this offseason.“You want to feel appreciated for the work that you’ve done and the work that you’re about to put in.“I’m about to put in more work. You can talk about the past, of what I’ve done. But I’m excited about the future, about what I’m about to do.”The Broncos’ four-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro returned to the team after general manager John Elway agreed to give him a $3 million raise this season , bumping his salary to $12.05 million.That’s more in line with what the league’s other elite cornerbacks are making and it’s a significant bump for a player who signed a $2,000 bonus coming out of college nine years ago and who played the past four seasons on a team-friendly deal that paid him an average of about $8 million a year.Asked who won the standoff, Harris, who called his absence a “roller-coaster offseason,” demurred.“Oh man, it wasn’t about winning,” Harris said . “It was just about getting back to the field. And winning games on the field. So, that’s the only thing I’m worried about. I’m not even worried about the dispute or anything. Everything’s in the past and now it’s just about winning football games.”Harris, who turns 30 in June, skipped the Broncos’ first two months of offseason workouts hoping to get an extension averaging about $15 million Connor McGovern Jersey , something Elway wouldn’t budge on.“I thought I was going to get traded, I did, at one time in the offseason,” Harris said.Eventually, both sides settled on a raise this year from the $8.9 million Harris was due, which included a $1 million option bonus paid out in March.The raise made Harris the highest-paid cornerback on the team, just ahead of newcomer Kareem Jackson, whose three-year, $33 million free agent deal included a $9 million signing bonus and $3 million salary this season.Although Harris is set to become an unrestricted free agent after this season, Elway hinted that the Broncos could seek to keep him in Denver , tweeting “this contract adjustment recognizes his value to our team and the high expectations we have for Chris as a Bronco this season and hopefully for years to come.”Harris said he would love to stay in Denver beyond this season.“I’m going to do my thing and then at the end of the year or whatever, I’m definitely going to give them a fair chance, for sure,” he said.The last remaining member of the “No Fly Zone” secondary that was the backbone of Denver’s Super Bowl 50 triumph, Harris is the only defensive back in the NFL with multiple interceptions in each of the past seven seasons.Harris said Denver’s new defense, which features more zone coverage and more versatile defensive backs Khari Willis Jersey , is the kind of scheme he’s long been advocating and should allow him to make even more plays on the football.“Now, I don’t have to cover a guy in man-to-man and cover him all over the field like I have in the past. Now, I can read and I think my picks will go way up because I’m going to have a chance to read the quarterback more,” Harris said. “I’ll get a chance to show you all a different skillset.”Harris spent several weeks working out with his personal trainer in Dallas and said he could learn new coach Vic Fangio’s defense in a day.Fangio wasn’t so sure.“He told me he’ll learn fast, but I have to see it, not hear it,” said Fangio.Harris is eager to show Fangio and 31 other head coaches he’s still an elite cornerback who deserves to be compensated like one.“Every time I step on this field I’m going to bring a swagger to this defense,” Harris said. “I’m going to bring a different mentality to this defense and I’m ready to take on whomever.” One of the first lessons in law school goes like this: When the facts are on your side, pound on the facts. When the law is on your side, pound on the law. When neither is on your side, pound on the table.Antonio Brown‘s legal team is pounding on the table.After nearly a week of silence from Brown’s side regarding bizarre circumstances that have kept him from practicing, someone (presumably, someone from his legal team) is talking a blue streak. An unnamed source has leaked an intriguing nugget regarding an argument made during Friday’s grievance hearing regarding Brown’s refusal to swap his outdated helmet for a new model.Daniel Kaplan of reports that Brown’s case included a warning that “if [Brown] suffered a head injury in a helmet that he is compelled to wear, he would hold the league liable.”The source also provided this quote to Kaplan: “I think it’ll be interesting if the NFL forces Antonio to wear a different helmet. And he does play and he doesn’t retire as some people have reported he will do. And then he suffers a really severe injury. I’d hate to be the NFL. Because now you’ve forced him into wearing a different type of helmet. And I think at that point, though, the liability will be dramatic.”It won’t be. There will be no liability. The NFL and the NFL Players Association have worked closely together to devise safety rules aimed at approving certain helmets and disqualifying certain others. The entire goal is to ensure that players have the safest possible equipment while playing.Moreover Josh Allen Jersey , there can be no liability without compelling proof of causation. How would Brown show that an injury for which he attempts to hold the league liable wouldn’t have happened in his old helmet? Brown would be required, through his own testimony (which would be subject to rigorous cross examination) and the testimony of qualified experts, to show that the only reason the injury happened was because he was required to wear one of the helmets approved by the NFL and the NFLPA and was prevented from wearing his outdated helmet of choice.Also, Brown likely would have no ability to sue the NFL in court. Any relief against the league would be restricted to the procedures contained in the CBA. While he could sue the NFLPA for breach of its duty of fair representation, that’s a very high legal bar for any union member to clear.Ultimately, no one is forcing Brown to play football. If he wants to retire, he can retire. If he wants to play in the NFL, he has to use one of the approved helmets. If he wants to play football in his old helmet, he can go to the XFL.The bluster leaked by his legal team changes none of that. And it likely won’t do much, if anything, to win the day in the court of public opinion, because no one will be shedding tears for a guy who simply wants to keep having it his way, in any and all circumstances.

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