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18.09.2019 09:18
thousand feet straight down, Antworten

The reason why the text is more embarrassing than the fireworks is because I can watch it quietly dance between the smooth pages, interpret the eternal, and sing the melody of the years. Inscriptions of the ancients: "The book has its own gold house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu." It can be seen that the ancients had a special liking for reading. In fact, for anyone, the biggest advantage of reading is that it allows the person who knows to know it and let the ignorant become aware. The book is the ladder of human progress. The book is not only the driving force of human development, but also gives us a smooth way to find the future in a new way, such as Chen Xing, a confusing fantasy. Perhaps just in the touch and body of my heart and heart, I have launched a pair of wings with wisdom as wings. The form of flying in the sea of ??selflessness is not only satisfied with being silent on the plain road. Silently spend the lonely time. Instead, it should sublimate its own body in subtle ways, and more importantly, improve the noble sentiments of its own soul. I think that I am, people only think in reading, study in thinking, in the lake water that does not know the depths, and thus the birth of another form of life. In this way, the soul is detached from the chaos of the world. The lotus in "Ai Lian Shuo" is out of the mud and not stained, and it is clear and not demon. In the turbidity, it is not polluted, and it is based on the clean and self-contained character. In the middle, it is also called "the gentleman is also". In the endless sea of ??books, countless lotuses poured into the fragrance Cigarettes For Sale, in the pen of the literati. It is even more noble and calm. In the overflow of the literary atmosphere, the world's many things have been purified, and the silky lingering infiltrate this fragrant and ethereal environment. In the book, people are more like flying, no bondage, free to do whatever they want, and can smell the spirit of the spirit in the endless nature. In the book, I played the sound of spring, soft and smooth, fresh and pleasant, just like a bathing girl dressed in a pink skirt Newport Cigarettes, dancing in the willow, no wonder there is a poem: "Jade jade makeup into a tree High, ten thousand hang down green silk ��. I do not know who the fine leaves planted, the second spring breeze like scissors." "Knowledge is the torch of wisdom" in the world of books is fascinating, such as crazy in the poetry. Maple Leaf is entrusted with people's feelings of old people, the autumn wind is rustling, the maple leaves are flying, slipping at your fingertips, will you think of "parking and sitting on love maple forest, frost leaves red in February flowers." When reading "flying It��s three thousand feet straight down, and it��s suspected that the Milky Way will fall for nine days.�� Will it be intimidated by the magnificent majesty of the waterfall, knowing how the waterfall will fall if the waterfall recedes above the rock wall without taking the flight Today's wonders, reading, became the main theme of life, and became the backbone of life. It is the simplest form of life. In life, many flavors will dilute with the wind of the years, but a gentle book fragrance will linger in the sleeves for a long time Cigarettes Online, without smelling, it will be refreshing.
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