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03.09.2019 09:37
ivation of interest becom Antworten

Playing is not only the nature of human beings, but also the nature of all animals. Two little cheetahs biting each other on the African savanna are playing; on the sly arctic ice sheet, two small polar bears are wandering; in the mysterious Amazon rainforest, a group of monkeys jumping up and down are playing Newport Cigarettes. It can be seen that play is the nature of many animals. In the wild where the living environment is very harsh, it has taken a lot of energy to escape the hunting of natural enemies and capture the prey of cockroaches. If play is useless, then natural selection will eliminate those animals that have the nature of play, there will be no cheetahs in the world, no polar bears and monkeys, no one will start from birth, and play will never stop. Toddler is fun for them, and learning is also a play for them. It is a pleasure to learn to work with parents. When doing these things, their mood is comfortable, the spirit is pleasant, some behaviors are spontaneous, active, in the process they have no pressure, no pain, but full of pleasure, this is not yet Call it? Through play, they learned to walk, exercise muscles, learn language, develop intelligence, learn to work, and understand cooperation. Compared with the pain when we learn foreign languages, a child can play their own mother tongue in a few years, the role of play, the efficiency of play can be seen. In fact, play itself is a kind of learning. All animals except humans play to cultivate skills and adapt to the environment. After people have great dominance, they begin to squander their energy. Play is first in the palace. The song and dance has risen to the level Cigarettes For Sale, and now it has become a game on the computer screen. The game has been distorted and lost its original role. Losing the nature of the play, but also get the recognition of natural choices? It is doubtful that what should have been a play is considered a bitter thing, this thing is learning, and even feel that a little bit is considered to be hard, Don't you blame? The same is to acquire skills, the same is to prepare for the future Wholesale Cigarettes, why is there such a difference? The skills acquired through play are visible and touched, and can be quickly put into practice, encouraged by parents, and self-satisfied. With the advancement of human civilization, theories in various fields have become very difficult. The knowledge learned through primary education is really not easy to be discovered. Is the earth around the sun, or is the sun used to walk around the earth for a private detective? In the face of these ��useless�� skills, it��s no surprise that students can��t afford to be interested. In contrast, when learning further, when people's research can really contribute to the world, the cultivation of interest becomes easier, and learning will be as enjoyable and even exciting as playing. People are fascinated, people can't stop, but high school learning that looks like "useless" is not really useless. If you want to enjoy the happiness of climbing the peak, you must go through the foothills of the mountain. Moreover, learning like language, both Chinese and English, has an inestimable effect on the improvement of our quality of life, but we have never thought of it.

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