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An asphalt road, one side is the solemn white reinforced concrete gate of the academy Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the other side is an arched door made of simple and elegant marble. In this inconspicuous door, many people have come out of the capital, and there are dozens of trees that have experienced vicissitudes. Here is the place where the life is carved. Every tree has life, every life. Its unique soul, but not every soul can grow according to its original intention, but the nobleness of the tree's soul is that even in the face of adversity, it is trying to grow up. A dry and hard poplar seed was planted on the playground. In the spring, when its bare branches were lightly greened by a brush, it was trimmed off, and some even exposed. The dense circle rings; in summer, the trees next to Dongzhai grow taller, and its dark green thick leaves are hard to receive the most direct sunlight; the autumn winds bring the dry yellow leaves to the On the land, the bricks and cement on the campus can't bring them to the roots; the winter snow is cold, the green holly branches are broken by a shovel of ice and snow, and even broken, giving out "��, ��" sound. However, although their souls have been transformed, they are still active and strive to grow Marlboro Gold. Is the white poplar still green and yellow, yellow anThese grasses grow on the trunks and grow wild, but they are so harmonious with the trees. . Under the brown background, these smart light greens are more like blossoming green flowers. One needs a free academic atmosphere, so this eucalyptus tree is needed. One of them needs to be standardized and requires discipline. Therefore, there is a poplar on the playground side Marlboro Red. The neat holly in the flower bed comes from a latecomer. The device must undergo persistence in adversity, and when the time is ripe, it can bear fruit, and pomegranate is like this. Every spring, when the floral fragrance of lilac is gone, the pomegranate tree is like an old woman who describes the dryness. The dry branches are layered and interwoven into a net. There is no trace of water here. The last one on it. The dripping water seems to be dried by the hot sun, leaving only the water marks. One day, two days, three days... I really forget it completely. When I looked back inadvertently, I discovered that the dark, withered pomegranate hanging on the branch was gone, and each branch was covered with slender, verdant leaves, and several bright red flowers were high and low. Embelled in it. It has been waiting for a longer time than other trees, and it has done a more beautiful result. Not every tree that comes out of one is a pillar, and only a genius can be as free as a eucalyptus, as desired. what should we do? The trees in one seem to give the answer. We can choose to compromise, and then work diligently to do the job. We can also choose to persist and wait for the spring. No matter how the sun rises, we always try to grow up.
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