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02.09.2019 08:43
Another Way to Go Green Antworten

Another Way to Go Green

At a time when everyone is going green, why not take it to the ice, as well?

Water is our single most precious resource, yet, due to decades of misuse and wastefulness, many parts of the world are seeing major water shortages. And with less than 1% of the world's water being drinkable, steps need to be taken to preserve as much of this vital resource as possible.Let's say that you are receiving annual payments from your annuity of $4,200 for the next 20 years. The total of the payments will equal $84,000 and you receive a bid from a buyer for $70,000. It may not seem like a smart thing to sell the annuity at a $14,000 discount, but you need to consider the current interest rate environment. A 20 year municipal bond offering an annual yield of just eight and a half percent would be a better investment. The $70,000 invested into the municipal bond would yield $5,950 every year Cheap Cigarettes Online USA. That would equal a monthly payment of $495 in tax free funds.

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