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26.08.2019 09:53
testing. The NFL and NFLPA have declared otherwise. Reid’s lawyers currently are moving toward attempting to prove that Reid is Antworten

Eric Reid believes that he’s been targeted for non-random random PED testing. The NFL and NFLPA have declared otherwise. Reid’s lawyers currently are moving toward attempting to prove that Reid is right.Per a league source Qadree Ollison Jersey , the recent letter from Reid’s lawyers to the league and the union represents the first tangible step in a process that may culminate in a grievance or some other legal proceeding aimed at showing that the random testing process was corrupted as to Reid, who believes that extra testing happened in retaliation for his collusion grievance against the NFL.The letter seeking more information about the report commissioned by the NFL and NFLPA from the independent administrator of the PED testing program is intended to flesh out some of the facts and to commence the process of building what eventually would be a case that would prove foul play. There may be more steps before a final decision is made on whether to initiate a formal legal challenge.The implications would be significant, if Reid’s lawyer can prove that Reid’s PED tests weren’t truly random — especially since the league and union (which rarely agree on anything) have come together to dispute Reid’s claims publicly.Reid’s first step toward victory could come from refuting the leaks to multiple outlets that he overstated his total random tests. The home run would come if an expert in tracking down digital evidence can show that the computer algorithm that selected Reid had in any way been altered or engineered to produce something other than 10 random Panthers players per week for PED testing. It would become a huge scandal, showing that the league had gone to extreme and unusual steps to make Reid’s return to the NFL unpleasant.However it turns out, both sides currently seem to be confident in their position. The fact that the union is now aligned against Reid adds to the potential intrigue, and the possible consequences. Here’s hoping that, in the end Brian Burns Jersey , someone gets to the truth — and that the truth is presented in a way that will be accepted as accurate and credible.And of course in this day and age the only thing that can be known with certainty is that last part won’t happen. It’s fitting that the play of the game in Super Bowl LIII didn’t involve a touchdown, a turnover, or even the gaining of a single yard. The biggest play came when Patriots defensive back Jason McCourty covered nearly 20 yards in two seconds to break up a pass thrown to an otherwise wide-open Rams receiver Brandin Cooks.Appearing on Tuesday’s , new Dolphins coach (and former Patriots defensive coordinator) Brian Flores explained the play.“It was a play we saw earlier in the game,” Flores said. “We talked about the play. We actually had it covered a little bit better earlier in the game.”He’s right about that. Chris Simms found the play in the coaches film. It came with 4:28 left in the first quarter, and it unfolded the same way: Brandin Cooks ran a post from the left, and Robert Woods ran an underneath route from the right.The first time , cornerback Stephon Gilmore covered Cooks on the post route, but the throw went to Woods. (It was incomplete.) The second time, Gilmore and two others (including safety Devin McCourty) moved toward Woods, allowing Cooks to spring free.“They went back to it,” Flores said. “We knew that they were going to go back to it. We had a miscommunication. Jason, he made the play of the game. It was an incredible effort play is really what it was. And that’s something we talk about on a day-to-day basis. We had a guy make a mistake. We had a guy cover for him. And then it ended up being the play of the game. I was so happy for Jason because you know he’s had, you know Will Grier Jersey , he was 0-16 a year ago [with the Browns]. He came in here and he worked and this was an up-and-down season, I’m so happy for him to go out and win it.”Win it he did, and in doing so he helped his twin brother avoid becoming the potential goat (and not in the good way). If that play had connected and the Rams had gone up 7-3, who knows how the remaining 18 minutes of the game would have unfolded? The Rams could have won the game, and the catalyst for it could have been the Cooks touchdown reception.And let’s not simply praise Jason McCourty for his effort. Rams quarterback Jared Goff deserves criticism for not throwing the ball sooner (or more crisply when he did), since the Rams presumably ran the play in the first quarter as a setup for the second try, in the hopes that the coverage would converge , as it did, on Woods. Goff should have seen it as soon as Cooks threw his hand in the air, and Goff should have hit Cooks not while he was at the back of the end zone but in stride.

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