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24.08.2019 04:49
The NFL is not known as a league that makes very many trades. Antworten

General Managers and Coaches must constantly balance team needs against the amount of money that they are able to pay individual players. Oftentimes GMs are motivated to trade for players to fill specific roles on the team Ryan Finley Jersey , but other times, GMs are looking to dump specific players for either performance, personal conduct, or monetary reasons. Most of the action takes place on the draft floor as you will notice in our list; many of the referenced trades include picks moving from team to team.Players get traded for all kinds of different reasons but they do have to make sure that they get the most bang for their buck. In an ideal world, all trades would be perfectly equal , and both teams would immediately notice improvement due to their new acquisition, but unfortunately, in most cases, both a clear trade winner and trade loser emerge over time. In the NFL, being on the receiving end of a bad trade can put your team back years Michael Jordan Jersey , or even decades.We’ve listed the trades every NFL team has made that they would like to have back. Some trades occurred many years ago and caused multiple years of pain to the franchises, while others have occurred recently and we can see the immediate impact on the teams. A good trade can make a GM look like a genius but as soon as a bad trade is made, it could cost them their job and maybe even their career. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has put up some monster numbers over the course of his career that will certainly send him to Canton, but he couldn't have done it without some great receivers along the way.While Rodgers has enjoyed such great talents as Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings , the Packers have seen several of their late-round draft choices fail miserably at the receiver position.For every great receiver the Packers have drafted, there have been more misses than hits, which is to be expected when a team is taking receivers so late in the draft. However, when the Packers hit with a receiver, they hit big Zach Brown Jersey , with Nelson, Jennings and Randall Cobb being some of the more recent examples.The tight end position has also been a source of great pass-catchers for Rodgers; although after the retirement of Jermichael Finley, the Packers were sorely missing a receiving threat from the position for a few seasons. That is, until they signed the often turbulent but talented Jared Cook to a contract during this past offseason.A quarterback like Rodgers can make receivers better and he has certainly done that in his career. Regardless, it has been proven time and time again that not just anyone can step into an offense run by Rodgers and be successful.We see you Shareef Miller Jersey , Jarrett Boykin.Without further adieu, we're going to break down every great and bad receiver Rodgers has ever played with and explain to you why each receiver has earned their respective status in Packers lore.

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