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15.08.2019 05:19
The NFL off-season is underway and there Antworten

Johnny Manziel is attempting a comeback into the NFL in the Spring developmental league. The XFL is back...sort of...with Vince McMahon once again running the show and hoping for a better result than his first time around when it was a one year failure in 2001. There have also been a lot of head coaching moves going around as well Kendall Sheffield Jersey , such as Matt Patricia to the Lions, Josh McDaniels to the Colts and then back to the Patriots as their offensive coordinator, to Frank Reich finally giving the Colts a stability at the head coaching position. A lot certainly has happened and it is only Mid-February. But, what about retirements?There have not been a lot of big name retirements that have made significant impact across the league. The biggest one so far is probably Carson Palmer, who spent a majority of his career between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Arizona Cardinals. Other than that, there haven't been any big names to call it quits. This list takes a look at the names of several NFL players that might be riding off into the sunset of retirement very soon. Some should have called it a career years ago while others still are in the league and nobody would have thought about it. So, let's tackle this head on. Without further adieu, let's examine 8 NFL players you didn't realize haven't retired yet and 7 who should call it quits. Although it is definitely not uncommon for offensive linemen or defensive players to go high in the NFL draft, and even get picked first overall , we as fans mostly pay attention to the stats of so-called "skill players." And why not? They are, after all, responsible for putting most of the points on the board. Now that would normally include rookie quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends, but for the sake of simplifying things in this list, we're going to eliminate Gronk and co. from the conversation and focus mainly on the QBs, RBs Qadree Ollison Jersey , and WRs that were picked high in the past 20 drafts.When choosing quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers for this list, we didn't just look for the player with the worst career numbers. We also considered whether these players lasted long in the league or if they were out of the NFL in just a few short seasons. We considered whether their lack of success was related to poor attitude, lack of skill, or just plain bad luck. Indeed, there were many mitigating factors to consider, but in the end, we came up with one first-round skill player per draft class who was less productive than the others. No Rashan Gary Jersey , not the biggest bust per se, but the least productive, mostly, but not exclusively in terms of career statistics.We're going to be listing these least productive skill players down for the past 20 NFL drafts prior to this year, because of course, there's no way to accurately predict which QB, RB, or WR will be the least productive for the class of 2018 unless they've actually played more than a few regular season games.

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