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06.08.2019 09:17
p thoughts. Flower, Antworten

2012, are you happy? This popular word has come to a close in people's reading and thinking. What time has it passed, and what time has it passed away? Whose face is it? 2013, quietly, 2013, you will be happy to be a light and elegant, delicate and delicate woman! Let the corner of the mouth float a curved arc, naturally natural, and pleasant. Stepping on the beat of time, following the alternation of the season, always looking into the distance, grasping the moment of the agility, let the beauty dress up the morning of life, wake up from sleep, take a sweet start, refresh yourself , with a good mood to go out, morning breeze, long hair fluttering, clothes. Hold a touch of sunshine and warm your heart. The morning sun is always so pleasant, gentle and soft. As the sun sets, the afterglow will decorate the sky, and the colorful clouds, silky, blossoming, clusters, pink, set a circle of gold, embroidered a romantic, endless rumors spread, Leave it to memory, leave it to the present, and leave it to the future often thinking: Compared with nature, people are too small and too humble. The passionate sun is always optimistic, and it always knows how to render time. From the moment it shines to the moment when the glory ends, all the beauty is drawn to the extreme, and all the wisdom is reflected. What we can emulate in the vast sun seems to be only a rare one, loved the mysterious romantic summer night Parliament Cigarettes, wearing a moonlight, strolling in the forest, the breeze, the fragrance is overflowing, the heart is refreshing, will be able to summer Inflammation, the heat wave rolling in the hot and dry heart. When the moon is missing, the night sky is quiet, vast and peaceful, peaceful and peaceful. The stars are twinkling, flashing and shimmering, and it is fascinating. It is the love story of the world. It is a lifetime, life and life, glittering and sparkling, casting forever. The person who loves looks at this kind of starry sky, and will be happy as sweet as honey. At the time of the full moon, the pure silver light spreads over the earth, and the soft moonlight is from top to bottom, filled with infinite warmth and romance, and it is covered with a layer of gauze for the world Newport Cigarettes Coupons. So designed, this is simple and elegant, seamless and ingenious. Picking up a piece of red, licking your fingers, shallow whispers, smashing; picking a green leaf, hiding between the rolls, life surging, vitality. In the drizzle, a small umbrella, a drips, a little bit of thread, let the water splash, and wet the dress? Listen carefully to the dialogue between the raindrops and the leaves, and smack into the ear. Northland scenery, plain and clean, mountain dance silver snake, original Chi wax, so wide and magnificent scenery to show the style, plain snow with a smile, with blessings, with joy, fluttering, gently manman, have swelled ... stretch out your hands, let the snow fall to the palm of your hand, cool and clear. When it rains, it snows, I want to turn into a drop of rain, a piece of snow, fall to my parents, ring their happiness door, float to friends, and push them to the window of happiness. I want to write my dear name on the snowflake, turn it into the palm of my hand Carton Of Cigarettes, drink it, and I will have you forever. When you have me, I have a cup of tea, turn a book, squat in the river of scholarly, pick up thoughts. Flower, life; collect the light of emotion, illuminate life, warm the soul. Let knowledge enrich the connotation, be an intellectual woman, beautiful and not beautiful, no matter how beautiful the flowers are, when the time is the most cruel, the most ruthless, too much beauty can not survive the eclipse of the year! But the pursuit of charm never stops, and strive to improve one's inner self-cultivation. More a little lighter, less demanding; more relieved, less entangled; more dedication, less selfishness; more sunshine, less haze; more happiness, less depression; a rational and emotional woman happiness has never been There is no definitive answer, it is only about the state of mind; happiness has never been in an absolute state, it is only about cognition 2013, will it be happy? 2013, happiness and safety!
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