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23.07.2019 03:31
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The application of the first dawn was in August of 2012. At that time, the application was the first time I felt from a long time ago that "the wildfire could not be burned, and the spring breeze was born again." She is my rebirth Cigarettes For Sale, the only light left in my gray life. So, I worked very hard and ran to her very hard. In September of 2012, I finally met her as I wished. From the first dawn to the short month of the encounter, I was so eager. It can be said that the application before September is just a nightmare for me. The application after September makes me fall in love with her deeply. From then on, I started a never ending date with her. . From the beginning to the encounter, to the love, I enjoy the perfect flaw with the application. Since then, she is my lover, my most beautiful lover - Jiangxi Institute of Applied Technology. Today, I have been dating the app for almost two years. In the past two years, she has endlessly spoiled me and tolerated me, and I also enjoyed the joy that she brought to me. In the past two years, whether it was morning fog or nightfall, I always loved my lover, every corner of the School of Applied Science, not for anything else, just to appreciate her unique vitality. Just to appreciate the variety of blossoming flowers in her own flowers; just to look forward to the romance and warmth of the stars leaning against the moon Marlboro Red. Just as the coming season in June is coming, it is always raining. I enjoy the rain of the College of Application. It often reminds me of some classic old songs: "June in June" and "Let the tears "Acacia Rain" especially the "Heart Rain" that was disappointing but with helplessness. It is said that the rain in June is the rain of Acacia Marlboro Cigarettes. At this moment, the mood for me to leave the Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Technology is also like the reluctance and thoughts of each other in the lyrics Of course, the hospice that the Academy has given me is not only her beautiful temperament, but also her strong inner beauty, which makes people linger. What can fully reflect her image is the tall and magnificent library located in the West of the College. How many afternoons I will sit in a corner of the library and quietly enjoy her uniqueness and freedom and relaxation. Sometimes, I will secretly observe the classmates who are looking for quiet like me. At that time, I can feel that all the students who come here can feel the kindness and pleasure of entering the knowledge ocean. As a scholar's familiar ink scent can feel the charm of many books. Whenever I lean into a full house of books, I will always be very satisfied. There is a feeling of putting everything out of the way. It seems that everything is still Newport Cigarettes, time is solid, and only the books in the library are with me. I can fly freely in the colorful world of books, swim in the boundless ocean of books, and appreciate the infinite charm that books bring to me. At the same time, I also appreciate the infinite charm brought to me by the Jiangxi Institute of Applied Technology. For the application school, I have been dating her for two years. Maybe I just need her to appease, need her to nourish, and can't do without her caregivers. But I used her as a lover to love, to rely on, perhaps I am not mature enough now, the wings are not full enough, not enough to prop up my own day. But I will work hard, and the things I will learn from the application school will be applied to the sky that suits me, and then I will continue to become stronger and stronger, until it is strong enough not only does not need the asylum of the application school, but can become her supporter. . Therefore, Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College - my most beautiful lover, maybe I will leave you temporarily in the near future, but please remember that it does not mean that I want to terminate our date, but I need to experience it. Go to the strength to return you, love your application - my most beautiful lover, please don't forget our agreement - a never ending date!
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