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A few days ago, I saw the post and pictures of "The Eight Dragon Dance Dragons and the People" in a portal on the Internet, which gave me the impulse to write this article. It is no longer a rare thing to watch the dragon in this society that is no longer closed. Even if you can't be there, you can enjoy watching the video or getting psychological satisfaction. It is said that the origin of the folklore of the dragon dance can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty, and it has a history of more than 2,200 years. It is not far from a long time. The small town of Sichuan that I grew up has continued for more than 400 years in the first month of the first month of the month. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China, it has been going to this day. It is also really amazing that the family is essentially a farming nation. Relying on farming to obtain the material conditions for survival. In the ancient times when farming civilization was not developed, farming was more natural. Therefore, people who were still in a state of obscurity were praying for a rain through spells and dragon dance activities. Why do you want to dance dragons? This means the devotion to the dragon god, only the heart and soul. In the collective consciousness of the ancient people, the dragon is the master of the ocean Marlboro Lights, capable of revitalizing the clouds and rains, and is the object of auspiciousness and the god of China. As the years go by, things change, the dragon dance activity has been transformed from the external form of the initial praying rain into a carrier of annual prayers, that is, people or one government hopes to be in the new one by holding dragon dance activities. The annual winds are smooth, the grain is abundant, or it is peaceful and peaceful. The people in their hometown called the dragon dance "playing dragon lights Newport Cigarettes." I think this name seems to be more appropriate. According to the relevant items in the Modern Chinese Dictionary, ��playing�� refers to play, or display; ��dance�� refers to dance or waving. Obviously, using the verb "playing" not only expresses the game component of "playing dragon lanterns", but also tells some superb skills that "playing dragon lights" need to be displayed; while using the verb "dance", it does not reflect these connotations. Time flies, the pace of time has never stopped, it has put some of the past ambiguous pasts farther behind, which means that the past pickers will pay more, it is an era without advertisements, posters The hometown of Longchang County is not like today's high-rise buildings, there is a street in Tongtian, a small town. The small town is blue-gray, basically consisting of houses with civil and brick structures, and the tallest building is only three stories high. The central street of the city is in the shape of a ring. Like the sun, it radiates several streets from its several directions. At the end, the east gate, the west gate, the south gate, and the north gate are the small towns. In my childhood. In the eighth day of the first month of the year, the dragon lights are used. People who are neighboring the eight towns will go to the city on foot for twenty or thirty miles every day. My little friends who are older than my neighbors will also go to the streets after eating breakfast on this day Cheap Cigarettes. At this time, the street and the intersection were crowded with people. At the entrance of each shop, there was a table with firecrackers welcoming the "Dragon". Don't look at our young age Marlboro Gold, we have accumulated experience in watching dragon lanterns. We always choose to wait on the side of Sanchajiekou, because the three-way street is wider
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