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08.07.2019 04:53
, and all the per Antworten

, and all the performances will stay here for a while. Maybe God is interested in taking care of it. The day in memory is sunny. The weather that shines in the sun has also been remembered for one year in the first day of the first month. About 10 o'clock, the firecrackers sounded far and near, and then I saw a group of people walking in front. Sichuan opera music player. They stopped at the intersection and played the characteristic Sichuan Opera drums. Their voices played a role in creating momentum. The scene suddenly warmed up and then came to the intersection of the familiar county actor, playing the role of a small student, a horn, and a horn. They are all painted, ugly, and they are completely dressed according to their own stage. In the age when cultural life was poor, Sichuan opera was an art form that Sichuan folks liked and enjoyed. People were very happy to see this scene at close range. Followed by a group of folk artists with stunts, their performances are amazing. I saw an artist sighing, the torch was extinguished, and then a sigh of relief, the torch was re-burned, and then he threw a substance up Carton Of Cigarettes, so the smoke wrapped up in a huge fireball. After another artist��s freehand stroke, there was a lit candle in his hand. Then he put the candle in his mouth and then shut it up Newport 100S. After a few moments, the fire candle did not go out, and then the mouth spit out. The long flame, which attracted me to the audience, was the most impressive thing about playing the "water meteor". The props are made up of a small bowl at each end of a rope about two meters long. The bowl contains water close to the bowl. The artist who plays "Water Meteor" is the eldest brother of my classmates. In the early spring, he was wearing a white satin trousers and a naked upper body Marlboro Lights. I saw him holding the middle of the rope in both hands. He exchanged the grips of the left and right hands very quickly with a little throw. The two bowls swung rapidly under the rope, but the water did not drop a drop. From time to time, he stretched his hands or one hand over his head, or throwing a water meteor into the air, dazzling. It is said that the water in the bowl is replaced with oil, put into a veil and ignited Wholesale Cigarettes, and it is a "fire meteor". The effect of watching at night will be better. Next, a group of girls dressed in red costumes and drums entered the line of sight. As they marched and drummed, they had a variety of patterns, and the pace changed in an orderly manner, adding a festive color. intersection. This dragon is alive, with a pair of powerful and powerful horns, and the fangs are glaring, the scales are dazzling golden light, and they are powerful and mighty; its body has a total of thirteen sections and is about 30 meters long. Under the guidance of the dancers, more than a dozen strong men let the dragon chase the orbs Marlboro Red, from time to time rolling up and down, right and right; sometimes leaping high, as if flying straight into the clouds; sometimes quickly swooping, seems to plung into the deep sea. The layman naturally looks at the excitement and continually applauds; there are insiders who say that it is the "faucet wearing flowers", that is the "dragon tail", that is the "snake skin" when the dragon tricks are finished, the dragon is working When leaving the intersection, many adults and children competed to cross the dragon's belly, saying that this would bring good luck to themselves and their families for one year. Of course, my friends and I will never let go of this opportunity to bring good luck. In the years that followed, I was in a foreign land and I have never seen a dragon lantern. Although I returned to my hometown in some years, I was already lacking the interest in my childhood and I didn��t go there. I thought that there is enough precious memory in the text and there should be no regrets.
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