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29.06.2019 08:14
the next five years Antworten

Every NFL season brings a plethora of excitement and surprise. No one can be certain about what the upcoming season will hold , who will be the Cinderella story, or who will underperform. Only time will truly tell how the season will unfold, and that's what keeps fans on the edge of their seat , coming back for more week in and week out. Football is great because it makes Sundays less about the upcoming work or school week and keeps you engaged and eager. There truly is nothing like football season, and it's almost back. It's the silver lining to the end of the summer. Football makes everything better at least for the few hours that it's on each week. I think just about everyone is ready to see what's in store for us this year. I know that I am.The following is my list of crazy outlandish predictions that I think could actually happen. Don't knock predictions until they are untrue because I'm sure that at least some of these things will happen. Do you have any bold predictions for this upcoming NFL season? Do you disagree with any my predictions? Let me know. With tons of young talent surrounding the NFL ranks at the moment, it's quite obvious that the league is going to have its share of parity as the years go on. We're seeing young quarterbacks and skill players dominate the game right now , and many teams are in the mix for a deep playoff run because of it. There's really no telling exactly which teams are going represent each conference in the Super Bowl during the proceeding seasons; with a bevy of teams currently primed to take the next step, there are feasible possibilities anywhere you turn in the league right now.This level of competition is exactly what the league wants to see. This level of parity is what has made the NFL the most popular league in America, and is what continues to drive ratings and fan interest. Over the next five years , we're going to see new elite teams emerge, while others may fall off the map. This makes the playoff picture unpredictable, and will almost certainly result in some interesting Super Bowl matchups. Let's take a look at what may happen.Here's a prediction of the participants and the winners of the next 5 Super Bowls.

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