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13.06.2019 04:45
In a blink of an eye Antworten

In a blink of an eye, autumn has turned into another fall. It has already gone far since last year. It returns to autumn after spring and summer. Just like the wandering home after going far, the autumn is back in the autumn home, just like everyone needs to return. The same is true in the hometown, so I have to go home in the winter, so the spring, summer, autumn and winter are reincarnation in the four seasons. Their own missions are autumn. Autumn is a nonsense, so why is there spring, summer and autumn in the fall? For example, is there no rich in the poor? There are no poor people in the rich? Moreover Cigarettes Online, the division of spring, summer, autumn and winter is very broad. There will be cold days in the summer. In the winter, there will occasionally be the sun in the spring. The spring is the warm season, so everything grows happily. In the autumn, the weather It is also warm and comfortable, so the spring and autumn of the clothes are similar. There is not much difference. Because the temperature is similar, the dress can also converge, and no one will deliberately distinguish between spring and autumn. How does everything grow in the fall? Yes, autumn is a harvest season, and the bud has long since become a mature fruit, but there are still many evergreen trees, and of course there are plants that bloom in autumn. The autumn leaves may be the same as the spring flowers, the same quiet beauty, an elegant sadness, a summer in the intoxicated flowery autumn, under the cool breeze of the autumn wind Marlboro Lights, thanks to the summer heat, the heat has gone, the feeling of sweat is not Ok, and the smell of sweat is also embarrassing. But many times, the noon and afternoon weather in autumn is so hot, the sun is so strong, as if the enthusiasm of the summer has not been exhausted. Walking in the sun, it takes a few minutes, there will still be sweat because of the movement and the body surface. I don't like summer, but I don't like the continuation of high temperatures. I don't like rainstorms, but I don't like the torrential rain that lasts in the autumn Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is of course no need to mention more. My favorite season is autumn, and I know that many people like autumn, even though the autumn face is filled with faint sorrow, knowing that it is a trace that is difficult to erase in the past of every mature person's face. Although the autumn harvested the fruit, it was far away from the two friends in spring and summer. Just like our human beings, when they grew up, they got some things they wanted, but they never returned to them and soon they could never again. Touching the distant and beautiful winter in the past, the temperature difference in the early, middle and late autumn is great. The correct statement should give us a more obvious feeling. At noon, the sun is very hot, and the morning and evening temperatures are high. It's relatively low, because there are not many clothes to wear, so I feel that there is some cold, and even the feeling that winter has already arrived in advance. In fact, in winter, I still only feel some cold, because winter wears a lot of clothes after all. It��s a cycle. Sometimes we feel the existence of another season in a certain season Cigarettes For Sale. It��s not really another season, but we start to have some miss another season, because memories happen in the past, and the past includes There are many spring, summer, autumn and winter, each season has a view of each season, so we will have different words every season Carton Of Cigarettes. Repeated things happen more, we will compare and summarize, it turns out that there may be another season's shadow in a certain season, for example, in the autumn, sometimes we can find traces of spring, summer and winter, just like you I will meet some strange faces that I seem to be familiar but never know. At this time, you no longer care who he is, but he reminds you of the people who live in the fall, who will forget the spring, Summer and winter? Because autumn and their connection are so close, history has value. We come from the past, remember those past dusts, and we don't want to forget the stories that always happen yesterday.

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