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11.06.2019 05:47
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph 44mm 26400SO.OO.A055CA.01 REPLICA watch Antworten

The unique, audemars piguet royal oak replica,elegant lines and beautiful finishes of the 2120 caliber can be seen through the sapphire shell of Jules Audemars. The movement has an unusual winding system. The weight of the 21k gold winding is screwed onto the rotor. Weight - driven winding system keeps the cylinder at an ideal performance level. The main spring provides energy in a constant manner, thus improving the speed accuracy. On the timer, however, it didn't exactly produce the results we expected. When fully wound, the watch gains 3.1 seconds a day. After 24 hours of running, it adds 1.5 seconds a day. On average, these results were very good, but the maximum difference between the rates at different positions was very large, 17.1 seconds and 24.5 seconds, respectively, when the watch was fully wound and 24 hours later. Few wearers of the watch, however, would be bothered by these differences or even notice them, as Jules Audemars has no second hand or mechanism for cracking them.

The most special thing about Jules Audemars's bucket bridge is the so-called "flying" bucket design, which makes the movement thinner but still guarantees 40 hours of power storage, unusual for such a lightweight watch. With the commutator, the coil is bidirectional. To keep the watch light and thin, designers did not use ball bearings. The lateral action of the rotor swing weight is limited by circumferential annular rolling on the four gemlike flow channels fixed on the main board. When the rotor moves, it makes a unique sound. The inertia of luxury watches replica the balance is variable and is adjusted by six inertia blocks. It vibrates at 19,800 volts per hour.

Movement 2120 has been completed. It is fully assembled and decorated by hand in Audemars Piguet's workshop, and the quality of the workmanship is evident. The bridge is beveled and polished by hand, the surface decorated with cordgenev, and the paper cut has a perlage finish. Both sides of the bridge have a matte surface and grooves of diamond cut jewelry. Even the edge and groove of the screw head are oblique. There is a fixed finish on both sides of the main board. Since two different diameters of the workpiece are used in the grinding tool, the workpiece has a three-dimensional appearance. The golden rotor provides the highest touch to the motion, with the artfully skeletonized "ap" initials.

The watch's ,best swiss replica watches ,technical highlights include its moving parts, rotor and escapement. The escapement has several unusual features. The motion working mechanism contains only four wheels, which prevents inaccuracy in setting Pointers.
The rotor of the winding mechanism works unidirectional and counterclockwise. It has a transmission ratio of 120:1, which is slightly more efficient than other one-way rotors. The debate about the merits of unidirectional and bidirectional self-winding systems never stops. However, since the introduction of its famous gyro winding mechanism in 1965, it has been working on one-way systems. The rotor 0330-39 is mounted on a small bridge with a fixator fixed by two blue screws. Below the bridge, the pinion gears of the rotor engage with a click wheel, which transmits power to the rotating rotor through additional wheels (deceleration and transfer) and then rotates freely in the opposite direction.

The escapement is particularly modern. The escape wheel (with steeply tilted teeth) and tray are mounted under an ordinary bridge, attached to the motherboard rather strangely, with two blue screws of different sizes. The entrance and exit stones are of the same shape. The flat nivarox-1 spring is connected to the Glucydur balance by a laser and a Nivatronic collet. The balance vibrates at 28,800 volts per hour. On a timing machine, two seconds are added to the day after the watch is fully wound, and six seconds are added to the day after 24 hours. When worn on the wrist,replica mens watches, the watch gains four seconds a day. (unfortunately, Jules Audemars's watch doesn't have a stopwatch, so we can't measure its wrist performance.)

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