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10.06.2019 05:28
Richard Mille RM 030 Blue Ceramic EMEA Replica Watch Antworten

richard mille watch price is on the piste (but mostly not...) Alexis Pinturault

Alexis Pinturault, the 2019 Alpine Ski World Championship, is very cool and very fast. He is also a living laboratory of Richard Mille, wearing his own watch and - not often - breaking.

Courchevel, at the beginning of April 2019, at an altitude of 2000 meters. The temperature is -7 ° C, and snowfall is 20 cm overnight. It was still snowing, and I began to wonder if I had bitten more than I could chew. I have just been told that Alexis Pinturault gave him the nickname "The Beast" in the French national team. However, he is 180 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. He doesn't look like a monster. However, although I only saw him wearing clothes, I had already seen enough thighs and it was easy to imagine that he would pull down the wall for 20 minutes without a wall. After the first drop, we raised the lift to an altitude of 2,700 meters. In Courchevel, "Pintu" is completely at home. His family owns a hotel near Altiport - High Altitude Airport - this is where he started skiing. The first time he ventured into a slalom, the coach who tried to train there quickly felt his anger turned to appreciate. As the second-ranked 2016 in the world, the Alpine Combined World Champion in 2017 and 2019, and the local hero, Alexis Pinturault is also a very good person.

We reached the peak of the first run and were truly affected. I barely tilted my skis downhill and Pinturault has moved 20 meters forward. His Sunday skis were dedicated racing machines and his turn didn't seem to slow him down. That was when he turned around... Although his terrain was fluctuating, his head still looked completely untouched. Hidden under the powder, his legs are doing all the work. At least, I think they are - he makes it look very easy. The only person who didn't seem to have any difficulty was Tim Malachart, marketing director at Richard Mille, who organized the "ski clinic" for a small group of journalists.

This is an opportunity to highlight the brand's founding principles. The company's ambassadors have always been elite competitors in the sport they chose, but they were chosen because of their close relationship with the brand. Some people have specialized mens replica watch , their names, while others have their own models in one of the current collections. But they wear watches when they are doing sports. For Richard Miller, sponsorship is not just about communication, it's about development. These athletes wear watches during training in real life, but also wear watches in games allowed by the rules of the sport. Alexis Pinturault explained that high-level sports are the ultimate quality assurance of the Richard Mille product development team.

What is the watch you wear?
This is my own color RM67-02, white quartz TPT. Light is important. It must also be strong because I wear it in training.

Have you broken it?
Yes, several times! There was a strap that gave way. After I hit the door during training, the crown appeared again. But whenever I came back with a broken watch, the people at Richard Mille seemed very happy. It can help them improve their products.

How important is your device to you?
This is very important. Just this season, I have tested the equipment next year. I have a ski technician at Head and we go through everything together. Snowboarding, binding, poles, adjustments, boots. When skiers take a season or more, they forget how the equipment is improved. And there is no time to go backwards.

What do you think is the difference between a competitor and a champion?
Dedication. On the track, it is clear that some people are 100% committed; winning is what they think. Others are easier, they go out, they don't train, or the system. To reach the top, you must give it everything you have. all the time.

What else do you need in addition to discipline?
stand by. Some people have five or six entourage. Coach, physical trainer, equipment technician, physical therapist, assistant. It doesn't have to be the same when you don't need to carry all 12 pairs of skis, 8 pairs of boots and suitcases. During the season, you don't have to drive your own van from the resort. This also means that you can continue to train in the southern hemisphere in the summer. But all of this comes down to financial resources and replica watches

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