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01.06.2019 03:55
I really didn't expect t Antworten

I really didn't expect that this happy summer vacation would have passed. Looking back at my summer vacation, I am really rich in summer vacation life: I am a table tennis "Xiaojian since I was in the first grade, I fell in love with playing table tennis. This year, on June 1st, the school held the "June 1 Table Tennis Tournament" "I did not hesitate to participate in the competition Newport 100S. I "goed five passes and six will" and rushed into the finals. However, when I competed with a classmate for the first place, I failed. I am not reconciled. I wanted to learn from him. After learning, I knew that he had been studying in the ping-pong class for 2 years Online Cigarettes. Since then, I have also had the idea of ??going to table tennis. So, during the summer vacation, I can��t wait to tell my father: "Dad, I am going to the table tennis class to learn how to play table tennis. 2000" Dad promised in one bite, I am happy one foot and three feet high. However, I did not expect that the table tennis class is particularly strict. First of all, class can not be late, late to be fined 20 to pick up; and then, practice When the ball is not in place or if you can't catch a ball, you will be fined for 10 picks. In order not to be late, I will get up at 6:30 every day. When my mother goes to work at 7:00, let my mother send me early. Going to the table tennis room. In order to do every movement, when the teacher said, I listened attentively; when the teacher demonstrated the action, I couldn��t watch it. In this way, the summer vacation was practiced from 8:00 to 11:00, and I was tired. Backache, back pain, leg cramps, but I did not give up. I worked hard and persisted. Finally, hard work pays off, after learning, I not only learned all kinds of correct postures, but also mastered the forehand and backhand essentials. In the final friendly match In the middle, I won the second place in the group. [Junior essay summer vacation life 2: I am the "Little Painter's summer afternoon, I changed into a "small painter." I will draw cartoons, will draw sketch, It will gouache paintings and landscapes. What made me most happy was that the teacher started teaching me to paint Chinese painting again. I have to learn to paint and paint my motherland more beautifully in the future. Summer life three: I am "the night of the little bee summer vacation Cheap Cigarettes, I became a "small bee" Newport Cigarettes, back to the "flowers" in the "collection of honey", to paint my "old wolf" summer life four: I am " In the summer vacation of lowercase bloggers, I wrote a total of 34 blog posts, of which 17 were recommended Carton Of Cigarettes. ��Happy Life in My Home�� won the first prize of the essay connection essay, ��The Cool Holidays in Reading�� won the blogger. On the title of the text. I was also rated by the school as "the most beautiful plum blossoms in Yucai."

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