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We are the elves who mak Antworten

We are the elves who make the earth sober. We are the pride of the spring mother. We are the right assistants of the Jade Emperor. We are the tiny droplets of crystal. Don't look at our small size, our ability is not small, such as making the barren land become fertile, etc., we are in charge, you say that our ability is not big? In addition to these Cigarettes Online, we are still little magician, this is not A new mission - to awaken the earth and hand it over to us. I couldn��t help but sneak in my heart, haha, and I can take the opportunity to steal. Together with my friends, I carried the energy water that the Jade Emperor gave us, and rushed down the clouds and uncles. These little grasses didn��t wake up, and they were lying on the land, even the earth. The pajamas have not been taken off Cigarettes For Sale. I took the opportunity to think of a trick, shaking my body and sprinkling tiny drops of water on them. "Hey, how cool it is!" The grasses screamed. I floated in the air and said to them loudly: "Spring is coming, no more beds, and Dayang will laugh at you." These grasses opened their eyes in the winter and looked at me with a fascination. The grass is probably awake, seeing me standing in front of them, shouting: "Is it a spring rain brother!" I mixed it with a grimace and pretended to be angry: "Now I know it is me, still Don't wake up your companion!" The grass, like the grass under the water, wriggles and pulls its companions out of their dreams. I said to this piece of grass: "Let your younger brother come out and soften the soil. You should also put on the spring clothes. Don't wear pajamas again." The grasses quickly changed their pajamas, this yellow. The yellow land turned into a green carpet I sneaked into the wheat field and found that the wheat was still in the ground and refused to show her head. I shouted: "Small wheat sister, come out soon! Spring has arrived, winter has been packed home." The wheat sister climbed out vigilantly, I jumped to her and said, "Come and drink some water. "Small sister opened her mouth and dried up, greedily sucking me, and from time to time she could still hear her screaming water! Just waiting for her to make a loud fullness, I left the grass brother." The wheat sister is already full, only the willow sister. When I arrived, she was half-closed, languid, and screaming, "Water, Water..." Seeing me, as if I saw a savior, my eyes sparkled, and when she was full, my magic could change. I slipped from her dead branches, her branches were covered with tender green buds Newport 100S, and the small buds swayed gently in the wind, as if to say, "Thank you, thank you, we have I haven��t come out for a long time. When I was too busy, how could there be a heat coming to me? I looked up and saw that the sun was just enjoying me and forgetting my own heat Carton Of Cigarettes. Heat is a fatal blow to me! To be more comfortable, I plunged into the mud and integrated into the arms of Mother Earth.
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