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 I haven't lifted

I haven't lifted the pen for a long time. I picked up the pen and got a little clumsy. I didn't know how to look at it. I opened the photo album and painted a few sheets at random. I enjoyed the feelings in the process. It can also be said to be a happy and happy moment. Because writing and painting is a kind of one's own preference, but unfortunately I have never undergo any professional training and learning, just with a kind of attitude and wish to worship art, simple description, description and depiction in real life. The taste of life, recording the bits and pieces of life in the journey of life, there are very good scenery, many scenes, the beautiful scenery of the four seasons of reincarnation, the scenery makes people linger, but as time goes by, we remember the past Bit by bit, everything from the depths of memory, slowly back to the source of the space-time tunnel, can only be seen in the dream, that is, "day thinking, night dreams" in the mood of feeling and appreciation Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, remember to me In the era of elementary school, every time I came home from school, after doing other homework, I was very excited to take a blank paper, and I began to draw freely, draw a cup and draw a chair. Come, slowly draw the people in the photo, and also color the color, whenever you hold the "finished product" you painted, some of the chairs are asymmetrical, some characters are closed Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, some are not worn. Shoes, and so on. Let��s take a look at it. In our time, five children at home, parents can provide us with school, and it is quite good to pay tuition every year. It��s impossible to have good conditions, good environment, like the children now. Please ask a professional teacher for training. I can only find my own leisure to study. Although I like painting very much, but because of the times, I can only be so in a blink of an eye. I have already reached middle age. With the progress and development of society, high-tech is endless and I like art Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. People can learn, sketch, handwrite, etc. through the Internet. There are a variety of different teaching methods, video teaching, on-site teaching, according to their own hobbies, draw different styles of pictures and scenes, make people happy, like a crazy cut a time, draw a landscape, put In the depths of the red dust memory Newport Cigs Cheap, you and I are in the memory of the bright moonlight. It is the site of the Baima Cement Factory. Nowadays, it is also polluted by nature. It is planted with a large piece of Gesanghua. It is a little bit of flowers, which makes me amazing. The simplicity, her tenacity is the hometown, she knew the character of Huifeng Mountain since she was a child, so she decided to take a freehand climbing from the snakeskin bag of the cliff all the way up, the more I climbed, the more I felt powerless, the seemingly gentle homeland soil, this At the same time, she showed her embarrassing side. At 70 degrees, the soft land could not stand on it. There was a 90-degree vertical slope on the top Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, which made people unable to retreat. At this time, some terrible thoughts emerged in my mind, what unexpected events of my friends, and so on, in short, some panic! In the moment of the horse, the fear disappeared, and because some people still need my protection. Difficult step by step climbing, finally, turned to safety, safely underground to the bottom of the mountain, my friend Zhang always did not know what happened, leisurely at the foot of the mountain to take pictures of me without the rest of the joy of pleasure, and even soon forgot In the middle of the mountain, the horror of the broken stone. Because, I firmly believe that the 100 million-year-old homeland I love will be kind to her every child and I love her. Although she is not gorgeous enough, it is a hot land for me to nurture m

ylq, 11.05.2019 09:15
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