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 Whether, I don't kno

Whether, I don't know if I can ask this question. For a moment, I have thought about the small hours of light. Some of them are spent entangled in it. I really want to know if I have had many ideas like me. It��s hard to say what��s right or wrong. Simply put, every idea that you agree with or disagree with is irrelevant and a means of survival. There is a lot of experience in life, and there are too many things to go through. In the end, it may be that things that have been disgusted are taken for granted. Perhaps it is something that was once unacceptable to turn a blind eye to it... I would like to ask myself if I ever thought about it Cigarettes 100'S, it would be like this. However, Zhang��s mouth said that there was no experience, not a mere heart, or an unforgettable life, but at least at that moment, still so vivid, or a few days before, and part-time with classmates. I am very worried that we are going to pass the dishes Cigarette Wholesale Prices, which is the so-called "end plate". Something happened, it is difficult to let go. Our group of people, most of them are students, the hotel is very "care" for us, just get some "food", um, indeed, take a meal according to the agreement. At the beginning of the work, there are two types. We are part-time responsible for taking food from the kitchen to the lobby, and the other is the hotel staff. They are ��experienced�� people and do ��upgrade��. Responsible for putting food on the guest's table, so the part-time salary is only a little, and those employees are higher Cheap Newport 100. I don't know what other people are Marlboro Usa Price. For me, it's hard to let go. I am very puzzled. The staff's head is missing the strings. It is obviously a channel left. The result is that a table is placed in the middle. It happens that I have to pass. Carrying a full soup, or a pile of fruit bowls, repeating "Hello, please let me" every time, until the end is a mechanical discourse. This is not a big deal. It is also important to understand that I have re-recognized that "poor people must have hateful places." When I had tried my best to carry the food in the past, the staff of the hotel made me stunned. "Look at the people, the hot dishes are on, you haven't done this yet," that way, and the so-called Like "leadership", the popular word is "loading force". In my memory, only "swimm" can describe it. It was totally different from what I thought. I still waited for someone to help me transfer. My heart was not enough. I was very angry at that time. I was tired and tired like a dog. I was also like this. I originally wanted to say something harsh, but I didn��t need it. It��s my fault. I��m too slow. However, even if I am slow, I��m helpless. I��m going to take the longest of all, the key is There is always a "traffic jam." When I passed the other table, I glanced at it. I didn't see the hot dishes that people said. It looked the same as my past. Of course, I didn't stop in the middle, and others occasionally took a break. Suddenly it feels ridiculous, but it is a person struggling at the bottom of the society Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale. I don't know what the reason is, but I can still make a sigh of relief. I don't know if she has had the same experience as me. I don't know if she ever had a pure moment. The answer is self-evident, but it is hard to accept. I don't know if she still has some sympathy and love in her heart. Is there some human truth in the world that will not be numb? In this regard, I thought of the popular phrase "Brain, is a good thing, I hope you have it too" Sometimes, I have to laugh, really ridiculous. That woman is strange. Some things feel the same as idiot, but I also know how to dress up. I don��t know how many wrinkles can be seen on the face painted with a few layers of fat powder. I don��t really see an old woman. I don't know if she thought about whether she could hide the years gone by, and how can she paint more? She is weak, she dare not face it, so, who can blame? Poor people must have hateful last I am relieved. This does not blame her, probably psychologically distorted, and can ask her what? This "hotel" is so, she learned the "leadership" aggressive, because she has been treated like this. She is not happy, she is being suppressed in the "hotel" all day, she needs to vent, maybe she is dissatisfied, and she has accumulated a long time of dissatisfaction. It��s just her, basically all of the employees are like this. The ��hotel�� is a big dyeing tank. No matter what it is, it��s just a little idiot like her. In the residual food treatment area, an old woman can't do it, but also guide me how to dump leftovers, make a slap in the face, keep talking, keep on knowing, people are professionally learning the leftovers. I don't know what she has experienced. As for venting something, I can't say right or wrong, life is cruel. "Hotels", what can they do, maybe they have struggled, isn't it, they must have thought about it with me, whether it should be, don't understand, don't know, just want to live up to the heart.

ylq, 02.04.2019 11:52
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