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 year fell into a dre

With the blossoming autumn, I feel the luxury of a kind of years Newport 100S, and the many past events in the red dust are like the shuttle of time. The thoughts of the moments have been salvaged one by one, and the lingering memories of Yingying��s heart are hidden in the softest place in the heart. Outside the window of the nightingale, the breeze swayed the green leaves of the mother-in-law, but at this time, the mood was ups and downs, and I wanted to keep the corner of the flowing clouds in the air, and wandered together in this sleepy night, the flowers were flowing! The orchid that hangs in front of the window has also awakened your eyes. Looking at the night sky, the meteor that crossed the sky, whether it shines your eyes. Standing alone in front of the window, I will remind you of it again. The memory of the young man was still vivid in the past, and the years of the year fell into a dream. In your memory, your lipstick is still deeply imprinted in your mind, just like the red flower of the tree, infiltrating my blood. Tonight will be another night that is difficult to sleep. Looking at the sky full of stars, my heart is always sketching out the sweet and handsome appearance of your year! It seems that you are right beside me, looking at your slightly curled mouth and revealing a naughty look. You are really beautiful, but always let me see you in this beautiful night. This night condenses my thoughts and entrusts my nightmare. In the days gone by, the memories are full of long time. . I like this kind of silence, I am willing to let my thoughts here be boundless, I like this kind of night, I am willing to let my heart rush in the long river of memory. How many nights have been in the memory of dreams, weaving a beautiful scene. But when I walk into that dream, I really want to take care of your hands, but I can't lift you up, but you look back and smile. Indecently waiting, until the wind blows this dream more and more thin, the footsteps of the quiet night are gradually drifting away in the time of ticking, passing through the night into the long sigh... It��s only a long time from the dream Going out, gently recollecting the memory of this text, the heart is beautifully enjoying the tenderness and sweetness. Looking up slowly, the old vine and the pergola under the night are still tightly embracing, related, leafy, and several new branches rushing to higher places, so full of enthusiasm Life, good life is enviable, I think about how good it is to compare the old vines that are full of vitality Carton Of Cigarettes, I will firmly entangle with the pergola and stick to it. The window is gradually revealing a slight bright color, and the deep and shallow thoughts are still to be said. Silent meditation, the tempering of the years is difficult to get rid of the ten-finger relationship. So quietly, choose a bouquet of fragrant incense for you Online Cigarettes, send you a warm greeting and blessing, it is a kind of spiritual comfort and longing! The soft moonlight still sprinkled on the window sill, and the love was silently spilled into my heart! Slightly stunned, holding the wind in the morning, the light, the cloud of the sky, carefully capture the good memories of yesterday, I hope that Qing Bo and my heart slowly flow to the endless distance. The soulful music is slowly lingering from the player and gently echoing in the room. With the gentleness of the moonlight, enjoy the pleasant string sound. Only for a moment, I clearly saw the vast curtain of the vastness, full of flowers that were not thankful, a cluster, a cluster, that is a happy flower, just for a moment, as if looking at the faint moonlight Come to a familiar and clear shadow, smile coming to me, a pair of affectionate eyes, looking at me with a smile...
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