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 Appropriate for

Appropriate for the autumn, the southern country's season is less sharp in the north, lacking a heavy chill, but unexpectedly endowed the fall of Momo. Diluted the western wind in the middle of the year, the slanting sun and the sorrowfulness of the mountain village, the sorrowfulness of the mountain village, the sorrowfulness of the sky, and the sorrowfulness of the new cool and thin horses. Can you walk through the new window of my bridge? I whispered for me to go through the lingering tears in the nicks of the years? Even though the resounding response was so weak and cool Online Cigarettes, it was enough to make the night of the Chinese lanterns in the night. The small pot of wild bamboo on the window sill lost its former grace and gloom in the cold light of the rainy night, shrouded in a faint layer. Dim yellow. The rain hit the window, and the jingle rang, as if singing a little song in the night wind. Open a miscellaneous book, the faint creases are still there, and the scent of ink scent is flowing quietly in the heart. There is no gorgeous rhetoric and enthusiasm, but it is clear and moist, and the gentle and gentle autumn rain of the soul, �The hustle and bustle of the sea breeze, soothing the small bamboo groves that danced in the wind, weeping. When I was not far from home many years ago, the quiet little bushes, the quiet little desks and the small windows that could not be far away, quietly dazed... This moment of illusion, it seems that the time of the old man is like this. It��s so overwhelming that it��s been a long time. At that time, the confused little eyes that couldn��t see far away gradually dared to claim that the six roads clearly recognized the illusion, and then looked back, but it was a dream, but in fact we gradually lost our way. Suddenly I felt that I had not given a greeting to my family for some time. I hurriedly dialed the phone. After a while, I heard the familiar greetings and embarrassment after the sound of Sosso. In their eyes, you are an unconventional child, although they can't figure out whether you need to be alone in life, juvenile, you are just a child, maybe we are not the kind of people who are willing to express, simply ask questions. After that, I turned to personal matters. The family is mostly unclear. I am also in the mountains, and I don��t know where to go. The support of Wuwu, Sezedi, is finally going to fire. A shelling teaches that what can young people do not do well? After a long time, I finally couldn't help but grab a white. Do you know the real situation? Do you know what I really want? After a deep silence, there is a voice. It is not easy to do anything outside, you pay more attention! Hey, this is a pair of silent people, just looking forward to spending more time drinking, and occasionally drinking a few times to talk about comfort. We always leave tolerance and tolerance to strangers Newport Cigarettes, but throw the hurt and pain to the closest relative. In recent years, I have learned the tolerance and tolerance of all kinds of calendars. Why do you suddenly see the konjac in your heart? Deep reflection! The rain of the patter is intermittent, the moist air is full of refreshing and quiet, and the complicated thoughts are like an autumn leaf falling in the eye of the eyebrows of the autumn, and there is no doubt how many cool and lonely dreams. In the middle of the night, the hustle and bustle of the shackles twitched the impassable and impetuous body and mind, and it was hard to sleep. One of the people is born, and he is leaning on the world. Life and experience seem to be like this, like clouds Parliament Cigarettes, like fog, run like rain, come and go, quietly and quietly. The wind and the rain gradually faded away Marlboro Gold. If you look at the hysteria as you saw it Marlboro Red, you will have a heart-warming and sincere open-mindedness, and you will soon be able to appreciate the demise and pain of forgetting the rivers and lakes.�����, Jie Ao Rumei September 13, 2014

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