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 Pushing open the

Pushing open the window, breezy face, time is indeed in the late autumn season, the girls' clothes are still summer-like enthusiasm. The phoenix tree on the side of the road, like singing the warming of the climate, a few pieces of sycamore leaves fall from the branches and exit the city's scenic sight. An elderly couple, walking alone with a shirt and a spirit. Their backs have drawn my memory. I remember that at this time in elementary school, there was already a trace of frost on the short roof of the pigsty Parliament Cigarettes. The roadside grass was already silent, not wet with dew. The chrysanthemums in the courtyard are blooming in full bloom, and the corners of the flowers can be seen in the corner. In this season, the mother��s hands are gradually cracked by the cold water. Sewing the clothes every night and getting the soles. Occasionally I glanced at my quilt cover. This season, my father often walks with the cows in the autumn land. I will remember these on Sunday with the missing sweet potato that was plowed oI have lived in Ulan for many years and have never been to the Golden Sea. Every year during the summer and autumn travel season, most of the Ulan��s ears are ��Golden Sea��, ��Harihatu�� and ��Tea Salt Lake��. The latter two have been visited many times for public reasons, except for the Golden Sea. In the eyes of a Central Plains person, this water in the desert of Gobi is worthy of a glamorous day to travel? He is also a swimmer in the Bohai Bay and a waver in the North Bay Marlboro Red. Until the day of August this year, the villagers called to say that a few friends came to Qinghai from the field, traveled to the temple, Qinghai Lake, tea card, and heard that the gold sea is good, they came to Wulan. Listening to what he meant to accompany me to accompany his friends, they are all good neighbors who have a good relationship with others. The next morning we drove two cars, and the horse kept going straight to the gold sea. I was afraid that the friends on the trip would ask about the situation of the gold sea and I wouldn��t know what to do Marlboro Cigarettes. I fell in the hearts of the people and lost a "death in Ulan for so many years." "Reproach". I didn��t go online to check the gold sea��s capital. There are two kinds of ut by the plow. I am still a child who has not been weaned. I always want to snuggle up with my childhood. This time is like a new moon, all the way to my memory. At this time, it is like an inexhaustible candlelight, which is not extinguished by the wind and the rain. It will move in the night of insomnia. The teardrop sediment then blooms in the age of poverty and sincerity, and the father is a god. Do not! Much greater than God. In the eyes of the father, as long as the decent of life, there is no hurdle. However, when the father also can't sleep, the analogy is when the government pays the grain every year. Because the father is the captain of the village. One thing left me with a deep memory. The teacher arranged the composition for us to write "Father." I wrote this and got the praise of the teacher Newport 100S, which attracted the envy of the students. My intentions have been for a while. One of them wrote: The meeting was silent, and his father said: "To pay the public food is the top priority for our farmers every year. In these days, everyone must get up early and harvest in good weather. It must ensure the dryness and fullness of the grain. It must be ensured that the public grain is not short of two. The father��s words are like a mountain, no one can shake." The father's three must also let his father lose sleep Cheap Cigarettes. For several nights, he was in a hurry or inadvertently. I didn't want to write my father's farewell, and every detail touched in life. Because these are the warmth and thoughts that can't be expressed in words. After all, the memory of life is not art, this memory is the greatness of the soul. This memory has long been an annals of my collection. I will use this familiar native land to find a stranger in the city.

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