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 WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Vikings 2018 Sea

When Rick Spielman talks Armon Watts Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , we listen. REALLY listen."sonVikings 2019 OffseasonU.S. Bank StadiumMinnesota Vikings PodcastsIt’s Rickspeak! 2019 Pre-Draft EditionNew,82commentsWhen Rick Spielman talks, we listen. REALLY listen. CDTShareTweetShareShareIt’s Rickspeak! 2019 Pre-Draft EditionBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsRight now, there is an elite fraternity of 32 men who are being paid millions of dollar to try and bluff, lie and cajole their way into the draft class of their dreams, while trying to deny their other 31 fraternity brothers the draft class of THEIR dreams.It’s a fascinating social experiment, and God forgive me but I LOVE this time of year. Who’s telling the truth, who’s floating trial balloons, and who’s flat out lying has become the best reality television in the country today, if you ask me.‘But Ted’ you say to yourself, ‘why do you enjoy grown millionaires lie about sports to each other? You have grandchildren now, don’t you want to expose them to honorable men, doing honorable things?’LOL sure, but this is just sports, so let’s lighten up a bit.So why do I like this? Because of the GM the Vikings have, one Rick Spielman Minnesota Vikings Jerseys 2019 , Professional Football Man of Leisure. Spielman has taken the pre-draft subterfuge to levels not seen since the height of the Cold War, and no it wouldn’t surprise me if he has runs dead drops and counterintelligence operations all the time.So when Spielman holds court with reporters prior to the draft, it’s must watch TV. But one cannot take Rick Spielman’s words at face value. No, no no no no noooooooo sir. Do that, and you’ll be disappointed when the Vikings first four picks aren’t a kicker, a punter, and two long snappers. You need to understand nuance, what’s real and what isn’t, and a full comprehension of the technical term we call pre-draft bullshit.That’s why I am here.* I am the World’s Self Proclaimed Rickspeak Expert, having obtained my PhD from Normandale Community College in the subject.** What I do is take what Rick says and translate it into what he REALLY means.**** Of all the reasons in the world as to why I’m still here, this is like second to last.**Okay fine, it was just a Master’s***I make up everything. Nothing is real. Welcome to the Matrix, Neo. As is the custom, Rick had an opening statement before taking questions.What Rick Meant: We’re feeling good about this week, but I’m throwing out a bunch of names because I want everyone to know something. If this goes South and about nine months from now I walk in to the office and I’m told I have 30 minutes to clear out my office, these are the people I will set on fire on the way out the door. Don’t doubt me Armon Watts Jersey nfl draft , I bought one of those Tesla flamethrowers. This place will look like a Japanese pillbox on Iwo Jima when I’m done.Q: How deep is this year’s offensive line class?What Rick Meant: It’s deep, but I hope guys like Gruden and whoever the manboy in Green Bay is have so many positions rated so deep that we have our pick of guys in the first three rounds. Cram it up your cramhole, LaFleur.Q: With all the big contracts that have been signed in recent years, how much of an emphasis is placed on acquiring additional draft picks and finding players in later rounds?What Rick Meant: Ehhhhh, I want to find the next Moritz Bohringer, if it’s all the same to you. Q: Has the arrival of Gary Kubiak altered the draft strategy at all?What Rick Meant: You do know Kevin Stefanski is the offensive coordinator, right? LOL I’m just messin’ with you guys, it’s really Kubiak and his Denver Mafia. Well, he has introduced the concept of drafting offensive players to Zim, and I think we might be making headway on that. We’ll see. Q: Is there more of an emphasis to find players that can contribute immediately, due to the team’s salary cap restrictions? What Rick Meant: It is absolutely an emphasis when you’re paying 6 players like 99% of the salary cap.Q: Do you understand the local angst with the condition of the offensive line?What Rick Meant: So is taking Greedy WIlliams at 18 worth the end of my marriage? Yes...yes it is. I’m not sorry. You got angst? Drink. Be a man, and you bury that shit deep. Q: You’ve already determined the players that you grade as draftable. Does that bring to mind the possibility of trading back to get more picks?What Rick Meant: I will not reach Nirvana until I have acquired every seventh round pick. And it will happen one day. Oh yes, mark my words.Q: How have the NFL Draft smoke screens evolved over the years?Hi, Ted here breaking character for a minute. I can’t top that quote. I just can’t. This is Spielman gold. GOLD! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I just got played. Q: Do you believe anything that is out there being said in the media?What Rick Meant: It’s all terrible and a load of crap yet I love it and lap it up, much like Taylor Swift’s music. Q: Do teams ever use Top 30 visits to throw the scent off of players?What Rick Meant: We 100% do that.Q: Do you watch other general managers’ pre-draft press conferences? Is there anything that they say that is useful?What Rick Meant: I have people do that for me. I also have people read stupid garbage like this post Replica Armon Watts Jersey , too. We know everything, all the time. We’re like the NSA for football.Q: Do you look to create some cap space to sign your upcoming draft class? Would you consider trading one of your current players?What Rick Meant: Yes, and I know exactly what we’re going to do to create cap space.Q: Do you consider having to clear cap space for the draft space a big deal? Or do you have a plan figured out?What Rick Meant: Okay, we really have no idea what we’re doing. It’s Rob’s fault. Q: What do you know about Kirk Cousins that you didn’t know before signing him a year ago?What Rick Meant: I know he hasn’t picked up a lunch tab yet. And I know he can afford it, the cheap bastard.Q: How is Mike Hughes’ health?What Rick Meant: Anyone need a good corner still on their rookie contract? I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS, BABY! The move will keep the Vikings defensive end around and likely free up cap space."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Vikings 2018 SeasonVikings 2019 OffseasonU.S. Bank StadiumMinnesota Vikings PodcastsMinnesota Vikings 2019 OffseasonMinnesota Vikings Free Agency 2019Reports: Everson Griffen Restructuring ContractNew,280commentsThe move will keep the Vikings defensive end around and likely free up cap space.CDTShareTweetShareShareReports: Everson Griffen Restructuring ContractWe’re excited too!Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY SportsGUYS—WE’RE GETTIN’ THE GANG BACK TOGETHER!OK, maybe not the whole gang—Sheldon Richardson already left for the Browns. And there are still possible trades on the horizon—teams have reportedly shown interest in Trae Waynes. But still—more of the Minnesota Vikings defense will be returning for the 2019 season than many of us had thought possible.Ian Rapoport was among a variety of sources reporting on Thursday afternoon that Everson Griffen will remain on the team for the upcoming season:Griffen was due to have his $10.9 million salary fully guaranteed on Friday, which had put his future with the cash-strapped Vikings up in the air. Thankfully Griffen was apparently willing to restructure his contract. The move should provide some short-term salary cap relief for the team while allowing them to keep one of their impact players on a defense that has been dominant over the past couple seasons.Calling Griffen’s 2018 season tumultuous might be understating it a bit. He was surprisingly absent from the the Vikings’ Week 3 loss to the Buffalo Bills. It was later reported that the star defensive end was dealing with mental health issues that led to law enforcement being involved in a bizarre episode in multiple places throughout the Twin Cities area the day before the Buffalo game. Griffen checked into a treatment center and eventually returned to the team in their Week 8 game against the Saints. He had an uneventful remainder of the season off the field, but it wasn’t incredibly eventful on the field either. Griffen ended the season with 5.5 sacks and 28 total pressures in 11 games, well off the pace of his stellar 2017 performance.Even if Griffen doesn’t return to the lofty heights we saw back then, he’s still a very important piece of the Vikings defense. It’s great to see a player return the favor to the team that drafted him with the 100th overall pick in 2010 and stuck by him through his struggles last year. Griff has always been a fan favorite, and his willingness to restructure will only improve his status in that regard.UPDATE 3:22 PM: According to Tom Pelissero and others, Griffen will earn around $8 million in 2019 instead of $10.9 million. The exact difference of the cap hit might vary though. Pelissero also reported that Griffen now has a player option that allows him to void the last couple years of his deal if he meets minimum performance requirements.UPDATE 3:42 PM: According to Courtney Cronin of ESPN, the restructure will provide $4.3 million in cap savings for the upcoming season.

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